Monday, August 19, 2013

Write at the Merge: Week 34

Hello, readers!

I decided to participate in the Write at the Merge: Week 34. The prompt is a sign Millie's Tavern sign and a Beastie Boys song. The prompts (especially the song) came at a great time and made a scene pop into my head. If you're a fan of my Mafia Hearts series, you will probably love this because you'll get a sneak peek at the next book.

Remember, this scene is done from a writing prompt and is unedited. I hope you enjoy!

Mia smoothed down her black miniskirt as she rushed toward the break room door, pausing a moment to stare up at the Millie’s Tavern sign hanging on the wall next to the row of employee lockers. This wasn’t Millie’s Tavern and she wondered about the story behind the sign. No time to worry about that now. She had a total of five minutes to be completely ready for her shift to start and on a Saturday evening in the casino, that might be hard to do with the hordes of people and random customers clutching her arm to grab them a this-or-that.

She hurried out into the hallway, made a sharp right, and pushed open the door to the casino’s club. The booming bass from No Sleep Till Brooklyn bounced her eardrums as people grind against one another on the dance floor. She hurried behind the counter to check in with her manager, who pointed to the far corner of the club. The VIP area.

Mia froze in her tracks. There he was. Sebastian. Her pulse pounded as she looked him over. He had the same shade of hair with soft waves. His pudgy face had given away to smooth contoured cheeks and jaw. The biggest clues to his identity were the small dimple on his chin and splash of freckles over the bridge of his nose. Yep, Sebastian had finally arrived.

Her heart raced  as she stared at the man she’d spent so many years planning to find and then searching for. No, she wasn’t one of those ex-girlfriends coming back to claim some undying love, or a baby she’d hid from him. It wasn’t anything like that. Finding him was all about business. So what was the stinging feeling in her stomach when a woman rested her thin hand on his bicep as she whispered into his ear?

There was no way she could approach him while he was on date. Mia didn’t need a catfight at her job. Hopefully he’d be in her section, giving her a chance to talk with him. He might even recognize her. With the classy black suit, shiny black Oxfords, and the twinkling diamonds in his watch, he’d qualify for her section, so it was possible. 



  1. Very interesting. I would love to know more.

  2. Definitely leaves me wanting more!

  3. many possibilities...great set up!

  4. Welcome, Wendy! Thanks for working Millie into your scene, and great to have you linking up with us!

  5. Great job on the prompt! Mia sounds like she has plans. . . Hmmm.