Thursday, August 1, 2013

Write at the Merge week 31

Thanks for stopping by! This is part of a scene I've added to my current WIP (work-in-progress) Lost and Found, Desert Secrets Book 3. I used the writing prompt on Write at the Merge week 31. 

When Lisa finally left Allison’s office, her shoulders sloped down as if twenty pound weights had been added to each one. She paused on the way to the exit when she found Bailey still at the table. This time Bailey had a large pink frosted cake, enough for two people at least, decorated with an upside down ice cream cone drizzled with chocolate. And Cara’s seat was empty.
Lisa stepped over to Bailey’s table. “Seriously?” Lisa asked, motioning toward the dessert.
Bailey nodded. “It’s the special. I think it might be Allison’s birthday or something, but I don’t care. This is delish.” She scooped a large bite onto her fork and held it toward Lisa. “Want a bite?”
Lisa shook her head vigorously. “A girl’s dead body is outside in the mud. How can you eat?”
Bailey shrugged, plopped the cake into her own mouth, and after swallowing, said, “Because I’m hungry. I’m also thirty years old, single, and bored, so I chose this instead of a decent meal.”
Taylor tugged on the hem of Lisa’s tanktop. When Lisa looked down at her daughter, Taylor asked, “Can I have a bite?”
Taylor rarely had treats in the sugar category, but everything was off today, so Lisa nodded. “If you like it, we’ll take one home with us.” Just like Bailey but for her own reasons, Lisa just might need some sugary sweet dessert today.
Taylor held the fork out in front of her until she finished her bite and then she licked the fork, getting a giggle from Bailey.
“You like it, huh?” Bailey asked.
With flushed cheeks, Lisa turned toward the counter. “I’ll grab you another fork. Sorry about that.” After ordering one of those million calorie cakes and snatching a new fork for Bailey, she went back to the table.
“Thanks. Why don’t you have a seat?” Bailey motioned toward the empty chair. “Grab another one for Taylor.” Her gaze scanned the full chairs around the bakery. None available. That was fine though. Lisa didn’t want to stay.
“I need to get going. You’ve been here awhile. How long are you going to hang out?”
Bailey took another bite of her cake and pointed the empty fork prongs in Lisa’s direction. “Until I get bored. You know, Lisa, I need some of my own excitement.”
Lisa nodded.


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  1. An interesting interaction, definitely some tension there! But nothing some cake and ice cream shouldn't fix!

  2. The picture grabbed me, and then I enjoyed your excerpt!

  3. Sometimes cake & ice cream are exactly what you need.