Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Saying Goodbye to 2013...

Wow. This year went by fast, huh? We've had some big ups and equally downs happen in 2013 and I'm excited for what 2014 brings to us! I'm not sure how much celebrating we will be doing though. You see, I slipped in the shower on Christmas Eve and I hurt my leg pretty bad. It's not broken or anything but plenty painful. I don't want to go anywhere that I have to do much walking even though the idea of a party sounds good right now. Also, Dan had to be at work at 3:30 a.m. today. I imagine he'll come home and crash.

How are you celebrating your New Year's Eve?

Friday, December 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: A Final Kiss

Are you ready?? I sure am excited to reveal this great cover! But first... enjoy this little bit about A Final Kiss.


Kate Morris is so close to finally having what she wants in life; a supportive group of female friends, a potential new career she’d almost given up on, and a romance on the horizon. No matter how right things go for her, trouble bites at her heart at every turn. Someone is out there always watching her. She can feel it all the way down to her bones.

And he is waiting for his perfect moment to step into her life permanently. He almost had the perfect woman once before, but one thing stepped in his way then. He needs a new woman and Kate fits the bill perfectly. Nothing will come between him and Kate. Once Wade reveals his love to Kate, she’ll love him too. After all, they were meant to be together at all costs… even if it means taking away anyone else who might interfere.

Tony walked out of Kate’s life so many years ago, leaving a wrecked girl in his wake. One trip to the Phoenix airport shoves the all-woman version of Kate back into his life. He wants to get to know her again, but she isn’t playing easy with him this time. If given one more chance to make up for lost time, he would never leave again. Gone on his deployment, he decides to email her anyway. Through the emails she starts slowly warming up… enough to express her concern about a stalker. With the police officer’s lack of help, Tony heads to Phoenix instead of home upon his return to the states. Kate doesn’t trust herself around Tony, so he takes matters into his own hands. Will he be able to watch over Kate without her finding out and resist falling in love with her all over again? Will Tony be able to catch the stalker before Kate is harmed?
Ebook and paperback coming soon! 

Thursday, December 26, 2013

Merry Christmas

I'm a day late on wishing you a Merry Christmas! I had this post planned out, but before I could sit at my computer, I slipped and hurt my leg. It was hard to walk yesterday and I did a lot of resting. Good thing we wanted to stay home for the holiday... going anywhere would've been torture for sure. The swelling and the majority of pain is gone. Now I have a giant lump and bruise.

How was your holiday?