Saturday, November 3, 2012

This helps me- A NaNoWriMo post

Hey, friends! How has your November started for you? As you may know, it is NaNoWriMo time for me (and a gazillion other authors!), so I decided to give a small update with two little tips that help me.

I just love the stats page on the Nano site. I've actually done well so far, exceeding my goal a little each day since Nano has started. According to the Nano site, if I write as I have been, I'll finish my Nano-book by November 25th. Super awesome!

Here is part of the scene I wrote yesterday. Remember that is is unedited!

          His skin turned red at the base of his neck and moved up over his cheeks. “I’m sorry to bother you, Bailey. I just, um, was wondering if I could so some rehearsing?”
            “Can’t you do that in your hotel room?” Bailey frowned, not wanting to open the door and invite him in. He didn’t need to be in her house one minute longer than necessary.
            “No. I have a fight scene coming up tomorrow and don’t quite have the feel for the space. I can pay you extra, if you want. It’ll only take an hour or two.” His blue eyes stared down at her with intensity, sending shivers up her spine. “If you have company I can come back later. You see, Bailey, if I don’t get my scene perfect, we’ll run into overtime for production. That doesn’t look good for an actor.”
            She didn’t care how the hell he looked to Lance or anyone else, really, she tried convincing herself. But instead of telling him know, a tingle of excitement made her pull open the door. “Come in,” she said with a sigh. “I don’t have any company. Make yourself at home.”
            The tension in his shoulder relaxed as he stepped through the threshold, intruding on her personal space, making her doubt her decision to let him in. 

Anyway, two things that help me with this writing adventure: 

1. Update your word count on the website often. I update about every 100 words or so. Why? Because watching that little blue bar move inspires me to write more. 

2. Have scenes in your mind for farther in the book? That' s fine! Write them down now. I usually do this in my every-day writing but put the extra scenes in a separate document and move them over later when they are needed. I'm not doing it that way for Nano. I have one document divided into two parts. Extra scenes goes toward the bottom. Why do this? It is easier to keep track of the word count because it is in the same document. 

Anyway, happy writing! 
Wendy Ely 


  1. Great tension in your scene! :)

    #1 made me giggle.
    #2 - I do the same thing!

    Thanks for sharing, Wendy. Happy Nanoing! :)

  2. Great tips and great scene, Wendy! I update my word count once or twice a day generally just to see that bar climbing steadily!