Monday, March 24, 2014

On Sale!

Dangerous Flames is on sale of 99 cents today only! You should grab a copy! Buy Dangerous Flames here!

Back from spending her teen years in Italy, Gabrielle Medini wants answer to the hard questions. She quickly learns that the Mafia still has a hand in controlling society and her father is the Don of the largest mob organization in the area. When a hit order is taken out on her father and one of his members will be doing the killing, Gabi’s mother demands Gabi’s disappearance. For good. This time she refuses to go alone. 

The Mafia doesn’t seem so glamorous any more. Not sure what Mik’s role in her father’s crime family is but sure he is involved, Gabrielle has reason to believe that her secret love's safety is in jeopardy too. 

Mikolas Russo is one hit away from becoming part of the Medini crime family. But is this what he really wants? Killing people for money is what he has been trained to do even though he’d give anything to trade the nightmares for sweet dreams of the forbidden Gabrielle. Thinking he has the chance to reveal his feelings to her, he arrives at her house to find her brandishing a loaded gun, ready to take control. 

Will the truth fulfill her desires, or will Mikolas be the one to shatter everything?

Tuesday, March 18, 2014


Unless you are a very close friend, you probably don't know what I'm going through right now. Dan was laid off in January and took a job away from home. I see him about 1 night every two weeks. You see, Dan and I did everything together (except work) before he left. It is so hard having him gone. Not only am I dealing with missing him, but I have all of my responsibilities at home plus his and my son is acting out some because he misses Dan. It's hard on all of us. and I don't like it. I have this never ending unsettled feeling. It's like I live in a snow-globe that is being shaken all the time. I can't wait for things to get settled... and for us to be together again.

Monday, March 17, 2014

Reader Art

Some readers have gotten creative. I'd love for you to make me some reader art too. They took my newest title A Final Kiss and made me a picture. Here are some pictures. If you want to make me something, email your picture to

Sunday, March 16, 2014

What are you reading, Wendy?

I've been hooked on a new series and can't wait for the next book to come out. What is it? I'm reading Profile of Evil by Alexa Grace. This book grabbed me and has held me into the story the entire time. I'm not done reading yet and I love every page.

Here are my favorite things about the book:

  • Alexa doesn't hold back. When she writes evil, she really goes for the throat. Many writers wouldn't touch the subject of a child predator who does really kinky stuff on the young teenagers. It's hard to see what these sweet girls go through, but I have a feeling the killer is going to get his. 
  • I don't think she considers her books as romance, but I'm loving the romance blooming between two of the characters. 
  • Even her background characters add a unique element to the story. I think the character's name is Charles (I'm not sure on this) and he grabs a telescope to watch the sting. Okay... I laughed out loud over this and probably would do the same! 
Anyway, you should check out her book. It's awesome!! 

Saturday, March 15, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- sneak peak of Finding Home

Enjoy this unedited sneak peak of Finding Home, the 4th book in the Desert Secrets series!

She slowly pulled the door opened and listened for movement in her house. None. She took a step out and listened some more. Still nothing. Had he left? Part of her basked in relief that he probably wasn’t in her space anymore while she denied any of the disappointment trying to tango with her heart. No men. No relationship. And certainly not hot movie stars!  She shook her head as she made her way down the hall and into the kitchen. No, there wasn’t any room in her life for anyone like Zane Adler.
            After grabbing a bottled water from the fridge, she heard him bump into some furniture.
            “Don’t go,” he said from the living room. “I can’t stand the idea of not having you in my arms at night. Every night. Be with me. Now.” Those pleading words were like arrows to piercing her soul. Drawn to him, she kicked her heels off in the kitchen and tiptoed down the hallway. She wanted just a glimpse of him acting.
            His back was turned to her, his shoulders tense as his hands gripped his waist. She let her gaze fall onto his shaggy, dishwater-blond hair and then took in the sight of him. She twisted the cap as quiet as she could and took a sip of water as her eyes trailed down the length of him, resting longer on his broad shoulders and then his shapely ass. His baggy jeans hid his lower half but she figured that half of his body was just as toned as the revealed upper part. Desire boiled in the pit of her stomach and pooled between her legs, dampening her panties.
            Not seeing her behind him, he continued with his lines. “What? Don’t say that,” he said, his voice dropping him more as if he had a broken heart. “Don’t do this to me.”
            How was it possible to detest this man from the moment he walked into her front door, and now she was almost drooling over him? She shook her head again. This just didn’t make sense. “You’re a stupid woman, Bailey Roan,” she mumbled to herself.

            He must’ve heard her voice because he whirled around to face her. “Oh,” he said, “You startled me.” 

Friday, March 14, 2014


I should've had Lost and Found (book 3 of the Desert Secrets series) finished by now. I'm about halfway done. So what is the hold up? I've been blocked when it came to this story. After checking my publishing schedule/plan, I panicked! Then I took a deep breath and thought about the main concept of the book and it hit me. I was forcing the story to go into a way it shouldn't be. I started the rewrites from the point it started going bad yesterday and I'm back on track. The words are flowing..

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

You are Invited!!

You are invited to the online release party for A Final Kiss. Come on over and have some fun with us!

Today at 4 pm mountain time
Where: here

Saturday, March 8, 2014

New Release Alert!!

It is finally here! A Final Kiss is available to purchase now. I'm so excited and we should celebrate! Did you grab a copy yet? No, well, go on, I'll wait here for you... Buy A Final Kiss here!


Kate Morris is so close to finally having what she wants in life; a supportive group of female friends, a potential new career she’d almost given up on, and a romance on the horizon. No matter how right things go for her, trouble bites at her heart at every turn. Someone is out there always watching her. She can feel it all the way down to her bones. 

And he is waiting for his perfect moment to step into her life permanently. He almost had the perfect woman once before, but one thing stepped in his way then. He needs a new woman and Kate fits the bill perfectly. Nothing will come between him and Kate. Once Wade reveals his love to Kate, she’ll love him too. After all, they were meant to be together at all costs… even if it means taking away anyone else who might interfere. 

Tony walked out of Kate’s life so many years ago, leaving a wrecked girl in his wake. One trip to the Phoenix airport shoves the all-woman version of Kate back into his life. He wants to get to know her again, but she isn’t playing easy with him this time. If given one more chance to make up for lost time, he would never leave again. Gone on his deployment, he decides to email her anyway. Through the emails she starts slowly warming up… enough to express her concern about a stalker. With the police officer’s lack of help, Tony heads to Phoenix instead of home upon his return to the states. Kate doesn’t trust herself around Tony, so he takes matters into his own hands. Will he be able to watch over Kate without her finding out and resist falling in love with her all over again? Will Tony be able to catch the stalker before Kate is harmed?

My Secret Saturday- Lost and Found

Enjoy this unedited sneak peek at Lost and Found, Desert Secrets Book 3. If you want to start book 1 of this series, you can find Confessions here!

“It is Lance’s loss, but I’m sorry he broke your heart.”
     She shrugged. “I’m sorta fine now. My baggage is being unpacked faster than I’d estimated.” She set her sandwich on the paperback and shifted her body to face him more fully.
     “Things seem to happen on their own time.” His fingers found her chin and tipped her face up, giving her a full view into his green eyes. The seductively drank her in and held her there.
     “Right here? Now?” she whispered. “I’m a mess.”
     He slowly shook his head, careful not to break the connection between them by taking away the eye contact. “You’re beautiful.”
His lips found hers, shooting blazing hot desire through her 

body, rocking her to the core. Instead of pushing him away like 

she’d done before, she parted her lips and inched his open with 

her tongue. Tasting him set her on fire. Wrapping her arms around his shoulders, she knew she was done running. This was it. With him. Who knew what would bring tomorrow, but today she wasn’t running away. Instead, her mouth melted against his.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- A Final Kiss!

This book will be released next week and I'm excited! Here's a sexy sneak peek for you.

      He let out a moan filled with so much desire, it sounded like he would be the one taking control of the situation at any moment. She couldn’t let that happen or her plan wouldn’t work. She moved against him more, and electrifying shocks of desire radiated from her core all the way through the rest of her body. Her nipples puckered against the silky fabric of her dress since she hadn’t worn a bra underneath. His strong hands pulled her forward so he could let his lips fall against the hot flesh at the curve of her neck. Dampness settled on her panties and he strained against the zipper of his slacks even more.
    “I want you. Now, baby.” The words were scorching against her ear.
    She pulled back. “It’s not time yet.”
    “I can’t take much more. You’re killing me.”
    She slid off his lap and glanced at the bulge in his pants. She wanted him just as much as he wanted her. Should she skip the show and just go at it, fulfilling their hunger for each other? No way. They’d done that the night before. Slow and sexy. That’s how she wanted it tonight. The sex would be twice as hot once she finished the show for him. She turned her back to him to grab the outfit from the top of the dresser. As she was doing so, she saw his gaze fix on her, so she slid her hand up the back of her thigh to her ass, revealing a piece of the barely-there red panties.
    “Holy hell, babe.” He sighed. “Come back here.”
     She glanced back at him before going into the bathroom. “Get undressed and wait for me on the bed.”