Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our Adventure to the Haunted Cemetery- Part 1

If you've known me for any length of time, you know that I'm so scared of the paranormal. I believe in ghosts and all that jazz, but I'm terrified of that area of our world. So why did I venture to a well-known haunted cemetery? This is how it all started:

Dan grew up in Florence and his family still lives there. We make the 2 hour trip often. On one of our times down to the small town, he took me on a side road that wound through the desert. Houses dotted part of the way but not too much. "Hey," he said, "want to see where the witches are buried?"

"Witches?" I asked, amazed. You see, witches are interesting to me. "There are witches buried out here?"

And my non-believer of paranormal drove me to the grave sites that sit right on the side of the road. He said that all he remembered is that three witches were hanged and buried in the plots, and if you visit the graves at night, you might see the witches' ghosts.  I was too scared to get out of the car, but I grabbed a picture while we were there.

We did ask some of our friends if they knew anything about the graves on the side of the road. They all said that those belong to some witches, but nobody knew the story behind them. On the way home, a plot for a new book took over my brain.

And I started doing research the moment I got home. I found out that there was a town called Adamsville out there. In 1900 the town flooded, killing most of the people. The townspeople were buried in a graveyard just down the road from the town and haunts the graveyard. A lot of paranormal investigation teams visit this place and get a variety of readings all the time. Dan had no idea that Adamsville had existed and we decided to visit these two places as soon as we drove down there again.

And we did. Check out Part 2 to our adventure to see the pictures and what happened while we were there.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Regarding That Scene: An Email from Lisa Palmer

Gasp! I received an email from Lisa Palmer, heroine from Lost and Found, Desert Secrets Book 3. Here is what she had to say to me: 

Dear Wendy, 

We haven't spent much quality time together lately, leaving me to think that you've forgotten some pertinent parts of the story. On thing is that scene. You must know what scene I'm talking about. Please say you do as I'm not one to kiss and tell. I'm talking about the part where Seth and I go out in the desert on the ATV. We stop for lunch and get caught up in a monsoon. In the scene, we only kiss. This is where you went wrong. By this point in the book, I'm no longer that timid divorcee but a woman full of passion. Seth Brite lights that fire deep in me that had been put out so long ago. Please redo this part and make the scene as hot as the desert in the summer time. 

Thanks a ton, 

Lisa Palmer


If you'd like to get to know the rest of the characters in the series, you can find the first books here: Buy the series here!

Confessions, Desert Secrets Book 1
Midnight Secrets, Desert Secrets Book 2


Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Dangerous Desires

I wrote this scene just for My Sexy Saturday. It's unedited, but I hope you like it! This is going into the "extra scenes" file for Dangerous Desires, Mafia Hearts Book 2. Maybe it'll make it in. If you want to get hooked on a new naughty series, check out Dangerous Flames, Mafia Hearts Book 1. You can buy Dangerous Flames here!

Mia finished drying the last her hair and turned the blow dryer off, allowing her to hear the frantic knock on the front door of her apartment. Glancing down at the towel covering her naked body, panic formed into her chest. She rushed into her bedroom where her new red satin robe waited on the bed. She slid the smooth sleeves up her arms and let the towel fall to her feet. The knocks sounded again.

“I’m coming,” she called. “Just give me a minute.” She secured the belt around her waist as she scurried down the hall. Flinging the door open, she froze. There he was, the very man she wanted with her tonight. 


“Please don’t think I lack manners for dropping by so late. I tried calling first.” Without waiting for a reply, Sabastian stepped past her to enter her living room. His boldness in invading her space following such a nice statement made her giggle.

“I would never think any such thing. Why did you decide to stop by at--” She glanced at the clock on the Blu-ray player, “almost midnight?”
He ran a hand over his unshaven chin. “Listen, Mia. I think you’re way over your head here.”

As she listened to his words, she couldn’t distract her mind from wandering over the length of him along with her gaze. His tousled dark hair looked as if he’d recently climbed out of bed, the stubble on his tan skin claimed the same, and his t-shirt and designer jeans looked like he’d pulled them from the hamper. This side of Sebastian was a different one she knew… and she’d never seen him look sexier.

“Way over your head,” he repeated, taking a step closer. His gruff voice pulled her from her thoughts but did nothing to zap the passion building in her. “Listen to me.”

“Over my head with what, Sabastian? Wanting to work with the Mafia or trying to seduce you?”

He took another step closer. “You haven’t tried to seduce me.” His gaze traveled over her face and rested on her skin showing from between the folds of the satin robe.

“I am now,” Mia said, pushing the delicate fabric from her body.

Friday, October 18, 2013

What I learned from the Writing Contest!

A little over a month ago I entered one of my manuscripts into a RWA chapter contest for the first time. While a lot of people enter these things to have the editor at the end read it, I entered to help the chapter because this is how they fund many of their activities and their entries were low. I grabbed one of my work-in-progress, cleaned it up some, and then ran it by a critique partners. Then I submitted it to the contest. I did have that thought though that if I finaled, I'd add the credit to my list of writing achievements.

While in bed, my phone pinged on my nightstand. The email said that I *did not final*. WHAT?! I was shocked because my manuscript is amazing. It is the sequel to another book and the characters are awesome. But I didn't final!! This is my response:

Me (saying this to my honey): I didn't final in the contest. I SUCK as a writer.
Honey gave me lots of hugs and kisses and said: Babe, you do not suck as a writer. Why didn't you final?
Me: I don't know.

And then the next email came. The one that says why I didn't final in the contest. The email that comes from the two judges and gives their critique of the manuscript. The very thing that confirms why I suck as a writer. It is my score cards! And... my honey had fallen asleep so I climbed out of bed to head to the computer to check this thing out.

I opened the first score card. That judge generally liked my story. She gave me all good scores but had a few comments on where I needed to improve.  These scores lifted my spirits some. And then the score card of doom came. Almost the lowest scores you can get on EVERY section. I even had two well accomplished authors help me with the synopsis and still received a poor score. As my kids would say: I was butt hurt.... and that lasted all of five minutes. Here is why:

  • Both judges had complaints in one area. My hero was too mean. Yes, he was the jerk in the first book and needs to start out that way in the second. Because both of the judges said the same, I'm going to lighten his character up a little bit. They also said that the heroine needs to be tougher. I will also do this too. 
  • One judged liked everything else and the other judge didn't. I've learned that I will always feel a ping of pain when someone doesn't like my book... but: 
  • I can't please everyone. Some people will love it while others hate it. I need to remember this so I can stay true to the story and true to the characters while listening to the valid comments of people regarding my work.  
  • I've judged this contest many times. Now that I've been on the other side of the situation, I can take my experience and be better judge in the following years. 
And today I feel a lot better and I don't suck as a writer! 


Thursday, October 17, 2013

A new book: In His Embrace

I'm so excited to share that my novella, In His Embrace, will be released soon in the First Frost anthology. Enjoy the cover and blurb! This will be available sometime in November.

When life’s glow threatens to die in a person, love’s light guides the way.
Tori expected Friday to be completely ordinary: a quick goodbye to her best friend who was going away on a business trip for the weekend, a routine checkup at her doctor’s office, and the rest of the day filled with work. But she was wrong. Ben’s hand rested on her hips a little longer than usual during their goodbye, igniting sparks she’d tried to ignore for years, and then her tests came back abnormal. Scared and alone, she wishes for one person’s hand to hold–Ben’s. He is trying to make it back before her next doctor visit, but can he?

Monday, October 7, 2013

Please Come!

You are invited to the Romance Super Bundle online launch party TODAY! This event is on Facebook and lasts all day. The authors will be stopping by for some lively chat and have great prizes to give away (giftcards, swag, autographed books, ebooks, giftsbags, and lots more!) Come on over and bring your family/friends! Can't make it but want the book? You can find the Romance Super Bundle here: http://amzn.com/B00FFS338I


Sunday, October 6, 2013

The Promised Pictures

I promised you pictures several weeks ago. The kids have been having a great time going to the football games. This is huge because we simply aren't a football family. Guess what? My daughter made the powderpuff football team!

 Here are two pictures of my daughter and her band. I took the top pictures but none of the others. She loooves playing music and really does have the talent.
 My son is in the JROTC. They attend all of the home games. The picture to the left is before they received their uniforms. It's so neat to see them all lined up and marching. In the bottom picture, Trevor is the blonde talking to his friend.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Jesse's Brother

Happy Sexy Saturday! I'm so glad you stopped by. Today I'm sharing a treat from Jesse's Brother. Did you know that Jesse's Brother is now part of a box set with 9 other full length romance novels for 99 cents! You can grab a copy of the Romance Super Bundle here: http://amzn.com/B00FFS338I 

“It has been a perfect day.” He gently kissed her lips. “We should do this again soon.”

Samantha rose from the sand and walked back to the water. She sat down on the water’s edge, her lower half barely in the water.

Noah stood up from the blanket to follow her over. They were quiet for a few minutes, watching the boats pass.

Letting his hand rest on her thigh, he leaned over to kiss her again. The passion ignited in Samantha as his tongue played against hers. She leaned back on the sand, letting his weight shift onto her. When he pulled away, he played with a strand of her hair as he stared into her eyes. His hand moved down her shoulder and then to her breasts. Her fingers caressed his bare skin, adding fuel to her desire.

A boat went down the river, sending gentle waves over them. Neither broke away. Their hands wandered all over each other. She loved the way his bare muscles rippled under her touch. His shaft throbbed against her leg when he arched his back to let out a soft moan. The temptation to reach down to his erection was hard to resist.

Her eyes drifted shut to imprint this perfection into her memories. Not one of his kisses, touches, or moments should be forgotten. This euphoric phase they were in should be lingered over and not rushed, even though she was tempted. He kissed her neck as she leaned back against the sand, her breaths urgent gasps.

Noah continued to kiss Samantha’s neck, making trails from her swollen lips down her chest and back up again. His hands slid over her barely-covered breasts and the insides of her thighs.

Friday, October 4, 2013

A Trait to Have

For two weeks now I've wanted nothing more than to sit at my computer and just write a few chapters on my current project. Why haven't I, you ask. After all, I am an a writer. You see, a very good trait to have as a writer is flexibility. 

I might plan to spend all day writing a rough draft... to bring new characters to life, to explore the mysteries in the town I've created, and to create the happily ever after that makes readers' hearts swell. Yep. That is what I wanted to do. But couldn't because this job (that I love!) require me to be flexible. All it takes is one click on the email inbox tab and my plans can be crushed! 

I have one huge project and a smaller one going at this time. 9 other authors and I have released a Romance Super Bundle (grab one! 10 full length novels for 99 cents http://amzn.com/B00FFS338I). To get this ready, we've had to discuss pictures, fonts, covers, and every other aspect that goes into putting a bundle together. We've all had to agree on these things or compromise. We've also had to do a lot of promoting, discussions about who to advertise with, and deciding on the launch party. I'm putting on the launch party so I've had to organize the prizes, pick games/contests, and did a lot of promoting. The party is on Monday so I have a lot more to do. 

And then there is the smaller project. The novella titled In His Embrace that I wrote for an anthology by my publisher. I wrote the novella and sent it over. They accepted it and we started edits. After two rounds of edits, I was told that the ending just doesn't work. WHAT?! Now on to rewrites. I'm telling you... rewrites are much harder than writing the first draft! 

And all I want to do is put on some headphones and let the words flow from my fingertips! I'm on to writes so that will have to happen on another day!