Saturday, October 19, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Dangerous Desires

I wrote this scene just for My Sexy Saturday. It's unedited, but I hope you like it! This is going into the "extra scenes" file for Dangerous Desires, Mafia Hearts Book 2. Maybe it'll make it in. If you want to get hooked on a new naughty series, check out Dangerous Flames, Mafia Hearts Book 1. You can buy Dangerous Flames here!

Mia finished drying the last her hair and turned the blow dryer off, allowing her to hear the frantic knock on the front door of her apartment. Glancing down at the towel covering her naked body, panic formed into her chest. She rushed into her bedroom where her new red satin robe waited on the bed. She slid the smooth sleeves up her arms and let the towel fall to her feet. The knocks sounded again.

“I’m coming,” she called. “Just give me a minute.” She secured the belt around her waist as she scurried down the hall. Flinging the door open, she froze. There he was, the very man she wanted with her tonight. 


“Please don’t think I lack manners for dropping by so late. I tried calling first.” Without waiting for a reply, Sabastian stepped past her to enter her living room. His boldness in invading her space following such a nice statement made her giggle.

“I would never think any such thing. Why did you decide to stop by at--” She glanced at the clock on the Blu-ray player, “almost midnight?”
He ran a hand over his unshaven chin. “Listen, Mia. I think you’re way over your head here.”

As she listened to his words, she couldn’t distract her mind from wandering over the length of him along with her gaze. His tousled dark hair looked as if he’d recently climbed out of bed, the stubble on his tan skin claimed the same, and his t-shirt and designer jeans looked like he’d pulled them from the hamper. This side of Sebastian was a different one she knew… and she’d never seen him look sexier.

“Way over your head,” he repeated, taking a step closer. His gruff voice pulled her from her thoughts but did nothing to zap the passion building in her. “Listen to me.”

“Over my head with what, Sabastian? Wanting to work with the Mafia or trying to seduce you?”

He took another step closer. “You haven’t tried to seduce me.” His gaze traveled over her face and rested on her skin showing from between the folds of the satin robe.

“I am now,” Mia said, pushing the delicate fabric from her body.

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  1. *raises hand* I'm all for seduction. A great way to take his mind off what ever lecture he's about ready to deliver.