Friday, October 4, 2013

A Trait to Have

For two weeks now I've wanted nothing more than to sit at my computer and just write a few chapters on my current project. Why haven't I, you ask. After all, I am an a writer. You see, a very good trait to have as a writer is flexibility. 

I might plan to spend all day writing a rough draft... to bring new characters to life, to explore the mysteries in the town I've created, and to create the happily ever after that makes readers' hearts swell. Yep. That is what I wanted to do. But couldn't because this job (that I love!) require me to be flexible. All it takes is one click on the email inbox tab and my plans can be crushed! 

I have one huge project and a smaller one going at this time. 9 other authors and I have released a Romance Super Bundle (grab one! 10 full length novels for 99 cents To get this ready, we've had to discuss pictures, fonts, covers, and every other aspect that goes into putting a bundle together. We've all had to agree on these things or compromise. We've also had to do a lot of promoting, discussions about who to advertise with, and deciding on the launch party. I'm putting on the launch party so I've had to organize the prizes, pick games/contests, and did a lot of promoting. The party is on Monday so I have a lot more to do. 

And then there is the smaller project. The novella titled In His Embrace that I wrote for an anthology by my publisher. I wrote the novella and sent it over. They accepted it and we started edits. After two rounds of edits, I was told that the ending just doesn't work. WHAT?! Now on to rewrites. I'm telling you... rewrites are much harder than writing the first draft! 

And all I want to do is put on some headphones and let the words flow from my fingertips! I'm on to writes so that will have to happen on another day! 

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