Saturday, June 28, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- Confessions

Who wants to go for a swim with a sexy hero? I sure do!! Check out Confessions in the Passionate Kisses Boxed Set. You find the set of 10 full length books here!

Jordan swam in the pool. His muscles tensed with each stroke slicing through the water. For moment she stood there mesmerized by the sight of him. Oh, he was so sexy.

Not wanting to get caught staring at him, she walked over to the pool steps and went down until the water barely reached her thighs. She took a place on the top step and opened her book while she held the gel pack with her other hand. She read the first sentence under the chapter one heading before her eyes turned back to Jordan, who was swimming the length of the pool. His taut back muscles were barely visible underneath the water, but the sight of him made her intimate areas grow hot anyway. The urge was so powerful she could barely sit still on the step.

“This is torture,” she whispered without meaning to. But it was. Watching the sexy man move smoothly through the water, with the droplets glistening on his tanned skin, and not being able to touch him tortured her. He looked up at her, then ducked his head back under the water.

She tried to ignore him coming closer to her. It worked for the most part until she felt his strong hands slide up her bare thighs. She squirmed away from him and pretended to be focused on her book.

“Your bikini looks great.”


  1. I can relate to this scene having been a swimmer myself. Water is a very sexy medium and I can't blame her for watching. Thanks for sharing this great snippet.