Monday, September 16, 2013

Fortune Teller Blog Hop

Meet the Mia from Dangerous Desires, the next book in the Mafia Hearts series. After you enjoy this snippet from my WIP, check out the other participants in the blog hop.


Mia walked down a side street leading away from the Las Vegas strip. She glanced down at the display on her cheap cell phone. Another forty-five minutes until she could meet with the apartment manager. Adjusting the bag on her shoulder, she eyed the seedy businesses dotting the street. A bright "open" sign drew grabbed her attention. Hmm. She'd never been to a fortune teller... no wait, a psychic. A new experience for a new brand new city.

She strode up the sidewalk and through the door, not hesitating on her decision until an old woman entered the small room.

"You want future told?" the woman asked in broken English. Her tanned skin wrinkled with age around her eyes glistening with a bright wisdom.

Mia slowly nodded.

The woman pointed her long, thing finger to the large backed chairs off to the left side of the room. What happened to the round table? The crystal ball? Mia shook her head at her preconvied notions of what this experience would be like as she followed the woman's directions.

Sitting across from Mia, the woman rested her hands in her lap, her eyes never leaving Mia's face. "Secrets."

"Excuse me?" Mia asked.

The woman nodded. "You here in Las Vegas based on secrets. A love affair? A job?"

Mia's hands trembled. How did she know that? Well, she wasn't having any type of relationship with Sebastian but her goal was to find him. And her future career would entirely be based on a secret. She wanted the money that the Mafia, and Sebastian, would bring her.

"Am I wrong?"

"I'm not having a love affair. But work, yes."

The woman's laugh rang out. "Oh, but you will. I see it clearly. You will too."

Mia's heart raced. "Anything else?" Did she even want to know? She wasn't so sure.

"Your secrets will  explode. Boom! Right in your face."

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  1. Wendy, I really enjoyed this! Mia seems like quite the character and I'd be interested in seeing what else happens to her. Good luck with this!

  2. I like Mia and I love your fortune teller. She doesn't hold back. Great post!

  3. Short, direct and to the point! I got the Vegas Vibe immediately, and that always makes @LasVegasLinny happy! Like how you showed the stripped down, very human nakedness of some reading parlors and the readers themselves ... and the neon light. Thanks for the trip downtown, Wendy! Good luck.

  4. It sounds like a fascinating book.

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