Saturday, September 14, 2013

My Sexy Saturday- Midnight Secrets

If you enjoyed Confessions (Desert Secrets Book 1), you'll enjoy this scene from Midnight Secrets (Desert Secrets Book 2). If you want your own copy of the book: And don't forget to check out the other authors participating in this sexy blog hop! 

Not wanting to lose this chance with him, she wiped her sweaty palms down her pants before
putting her arms over his shoulders. Tingles of excitement raced throughout her body when Miguel
slid his arm around her waist and pulled her even closer to him, making her breasts press tight
against his chest. Her breath caught in her throat. Her body stiffened when his lips found the curve
of her neck as they swayed together over the grass, while the slow song filled the warm air with
sweet tunes. The evening would’ve been perfect if she hadn’t had to continuously push away the
panic that tried to make an appearance in her heart.

“We can stop if you aren’t sure about doing this,” he whispered against her ear, his hot breath
sending shivers through her.

“I want to.” Each part of her body screamed for more, in spite of the mix of emotions flooding through her by his embrace. Fear swirled through the arousal and desire to be with him. Maybe she should just end it with him right here. End the dance, end the date, and end any tomorrow that might’ve happened with Miguel. But she didn’t want him to let go of her.

“Then relax. I won’t hurt you.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “Not ever.”

Her stomach tightened as she repeated his words in her mind. He wouldn’t hurt her ever. The more she thought about what he’d said, the more she believed him. The words intoxicated her, or
the wine finally started to work, making her relax against him. Were those the words she needed
to hear? She took a deep breath, enjoyed the spicy scent of his cologne, and his arms holding her
tight against him. Even the moon seemed a little brighter as it started coming up for the night.
She snuggled closer to him, allowing his hot breath to brush across her ear, sending shivers
down her spine. Being with Miguel made her realize how much she’d missed the security that came
with being with a man. If she’d known what she’d been missing, she might’ve dated sooner. But
what if he caused this sensation to come over her and nobody else could? Nope, not Miguel. It
couldn’t be him because that would mean this was more than she thought. No entanglements. Only
fun. And that’s what she’d have.

Allison pulled back a tiny bit to look in his dark eyes. She moved her face forward to brush
her lips gently against his. The simple kiss shot sparks through her body. Her lips parted and she
tasted the tip of his tongue as it played just inside her mouth. Heat swirled around in her belly and
traveled in both directions through her body, all the way down to the tips of her toes and up to her
cheeks, making every part of her body long for him. Opening her mouth more provided the chance
to take his tongue all the way in.

His hand reached under the back of her shirt to trace small circles over her skin with his
warm fingers, then moved around her side to her stomach. “Do you want me to stop?”


  1. Gotta love a man who will give you the chance to stop things if you wish. A true gentleman despite the passion arcing between them.