Sunday, March 16, 2014

What are you reading, Wendy?

I've been hooked on a new series and can't wait for the next book to come out. What is it? I'm reading Profile of Evil by Alexa Grace. This book grabbed me and has held me into the story the entire time. I'm not done reading yet and I love every page.

Here are my favorite things about the book:

  • Alexa doesn't hold back. When she writes evil, she really goes for the throat. Many writers wouldn't touch the subject of a child predator who does really kinky stuff on the young teenagers. It's hard to see what these sweet girls go through, but I have a feeling the killer is going to get his. 
  • I don't think she considers her books as romance, but I'm loving the romance blooming between two of the characters. 
  • Even her background characters add a unique element to the story. I think the character's name is Charles (I'm not sure on this) and he grabs a telescope to watch the sting. Okay... I laughed out loud over this and probably would do the same! 
Anyway, you should check out her book. It's awesome!! 

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