Wednesday, November 28, 2012

I need a title!

As some of you may know, I'm working on the 4th book in the Desert Secrets series for my NaNoWriMo book. I'm tired of calling it Book 4! So... I'm begging for your help! The person who picks the winning title will get an acknowledgment in the beginning of the book.

Here is what the book is about: Bailey Roan decides to lease part of her Victorian house to a production company. Of all the actors in Hollywood, her house becomes the set for an expected hit starring Zane; Hollywood's hottest celebrity of the moment and the actor Bailey can't stand. But Zane has a charisma that Bailey can't ignore. In Bailey's embrace, Zane feels like he's finally found his home and gets to forget he is a celebrity. Until reality knocks and people in Wilson, Arizona realizes who Zane is.

The title that keeps coming to mind is Finding Home but I'd really like to keep the secret/confession type of theme of the series.

Book 1 is Confessions
Book 2 is Midnight Secrets
Book 3 is Lost and Found

So... leave me a comment with your title suggestion!



    I love to create titles. I often come up with a whole book from a nifty title.
    Sounds like a good series, too!

  2. From Reel to Real

    or just

    Reel to Real

  3. How about "Paradise, Lost or Found"
    or "Zane's Retreat?"

    G W Pickle

  4. Victory of Valor
    Zane's Protegee
    Valor of Victory
    Bailey's Protege
    Smitten Hard
    Plagued with Love
    Victory over Valor
    Valor over Victory
    The Alpha Among Us
    The Alpha Twist
    Twisted Alpha's
    Sensual Delights

  5. If Wilson could be in a valley with mountains around it, the book could be "Hidden Valley". Or how about "Desert Dreams"?

  6. I really like the title finding home that you came up with. To be honest i think it fits in with the other titles pretty well. Plus its what popped in my head when i read what it was about. I dont know though i will have to think more about it and reply again later.

  7. How about:
    Actors Studio
    Studio of Secrets
    Reality Check (she's receiving a check for loaning out her house & he finds his alternate reality)
    On Location

    Good luck with your story!

  8. Veiled Heart
    Reality Exposed
    Reticent Affair
    Love Revelation

  9. Wow, what a great book! I'm thinking either "Midnight Secrets" would be good!

  10. I'm going with using Location/Locating. Maybe Loves Location or Locating Love?

  11. What about "Behind the scenes"?