Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Sexy Saturday: Jesse's Brother

What is sexy? This week I'm going to show you how temptation can be sexy with an excerpt from Jesse's Brother.   After you read this, grab a copy of Jesse's Brother and then check out the rest of the authors' posts by clicking the links at the bottom.

“What do you promise?”

“We’ll have many more mornings like this.” He bent down to kiss her forehead before he turned his back to her. He slid his boxers down over his hips, then let them drop to the floor. Her eyes were glued to his luscious body as he stood with his naked back to her.

How could someone be so sexy? Her first instinct was to reach out to touch his taut muscles, but she clamped her fingers tightly together instead.

He turned enough to show the front half of his thigh and nothing more. One more inch in her direction and she’d have a clear view of everything. He was teasing her, she knew it, and she loved when she spotted a part of his erection. Smiling at her, he grabbed a clean pair of boxers from the small dresser and slid them up his legs. His whole back was to her again as he slid them over his buttocks then around his hips.

“Not fair.” She didn’t mean to say the words but couldn’t contain them any longer. They escaped when she tried to take a breath.

He laughed softly as he grabbed a pair of faded jeans from the closet. The process was the same, him teasing and her wanting him so badly she was afraid she’d lose control of the situation and grab him. “I never said I wouldn’t dress in front of you. I kept my promise to stop when you wanted me to.”

“I know.” She sighed and let her head fall back onto the pillow. The room was filled with his scent and she didn’t want to get up. Grab your own copy of Jesse's Brother here:


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  1. Haven't got to this part. On pg 85 right now. Way to tease cause not sure if it's Noah or Jesse but from the faded jeans I'm leaning toward Noah