Thursday, August 22, 2013

An Author's Day...

When I tell people that I'm an author their eyes usually take on an excited shine as their face lights up. They often exclaime, "You're an author?!" Something is magical about that word! So I'm going to let you in on a secret... the average author's day. Here is a typical day for me:

4:00 a.m.- Yes, I start my day this early. My honey works in construction so he has to be up for work now. I get up too because it gives me an extra long work day. Once he is out the door, I wake my brain with a large amount of coffee, some breakfast, and check email (but don't respond yet!). The real key to my early morning wake-up is playing some strategic games (usually Candy Crush or Pet Rescue). After my lives are used up I'm ready to go.

I set my word count for the day. This week I'm writing a novella so I must make at least 1000 words a day. I'm delighted if I go over that word count though. At this time I respond to emails and then start writing.

5:45 ish: The kids are up for school. Our house a busy for awhile and it's hard to concentrate on writing the book. I'll often do some promoting and corresponding with readers and other authors. I might schedule blog posts and write some posts. I often update my Goodreads page, Twitter, and Facebook author page and regular Facebook page.

6:45: Daughter is off to marching band practice. Son is still here, but he is quiet so I get to refocus on writing. I'll reread what I wrote earlier to help get back into the zone. He leaves an hour later and by then I'm really ready to make my word count.

10:00: I'm ready to eat lunch. I also am ready for some conversation. I usually walk around while I eat to give my butt a break from sitting so long. Before I settle back in the recliner with my computer, I'll make calls to people, pay bills, and check emails again. Oh look: my cover artist wants me to choose pictures for my next cover! I must agonize over this before writing continues. And then... I am invited to special projects like another anthology. What should I write? It's hard to get my thoughts back to my current characters.

And then I decide that I've taken so long with "other stuff" that I just might not make my word count for the day. Back to writing I go...

Around 12:30: I put my computer up for a bit. I really need to move around, so I try to do a workout while the family is still gone. I have the Zumba program on DVD and this sparks up my day. After I workout I start some chores. When I'm finished I go back to the keyboard in hopes of meeting my word count.

3:00 p.m.: Both kids (plus daughter's boyfriend) are here. It's crazy. My mom was here yesterday and she mentioned how she finally realized why I don't work when the kids are home. I try to squeeze in a few more words, but that usually is unsuccessful. Dan gets home shortly after and the rest of the day is for family.

And there you have, readers!

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