Friday, August 30, 2013

Football Season Starts Today!

My family isn't one of those sporty types. You might be one of them or you know a family I'm talking about. Their week centers around what football games are on. They host parties or visit venues that host game parties. They have favorite teams and players. Nope. We are not one of these families. So why am I excited for football season? First of all, I'm talking about the high school football. Both of my kids are involved at the games this year. Tonight is their first game. My daughter plays the drums with the marching band and my son will be marching with his ROTC group. Dan, Mark (our other teenager), and I will be in the stands enjoying the excitement of the game tonight. Of course we'll take pictures. Check back later this week if you want to see some! I actually think we'll be there for all of the home games this season. GO VIKINGS!!

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