Sunday, January 26, 2014

What They Said...

I asked Dan, Trevor, and Alexis to let you guys know 3 things about me. Here are their answers (good or bad!):


  1. She is very loving and caring! 
  2. She loves her nightly back massages that I give her. 
  3. She gets stir crazy when she is in the house for too

  1. My mom likes cats and talks to ours. She tells us what our cats do while we are not here during the day. 
  2. She over-exaggerates stories. Every story she tells is descriptive and dramatic. 
  3. My friends like talking to her. Whenever I have a party I find my friends gathered around her. 

  • My mom is clever. She knows when someone is lying. 
  • She loves the Sims 3 game. 
  • She loves her Dan. 

1 comment:

  1. Such glowing comments, Mom. In response to Alexis' # 2 answer: She's supposed to exaggerate--she's a writer, silly.