Friday, January 10, 2014

Say What?

If you read my blog often you might remember a recent post where I mentioned that authors might have their day, week, or month all planned out and then BAM! Someone throws something in the way. Well... yeah. I That happened to me last week. I had put together a great timeline for writing and editing and was heading out the door for a doctor's appointment when I paused to check the fantastic inbox. Imagine my surprise when I received an email from my publisher saying that she sold her company. SAY WHAT? I hurried out the door and got a second email before arriving at the doctor office. Wendy, here are the rights back to all of the books we had contracted. Not in those exact words but just as quick. But we had just published an anthology! What about that? And why had we done that when this deal was in the works for a long time? My head spun.

But I was delight. While some authors were on (and probably still are) Cloud 9 to be able to transfer their books over to the new division of one of the BIG publishing companies that my publisher has become, I want to keep the rights to my books. I had over year left with my publisher and I couldn't wait for the day to get my rights back... I wanted to be free. That day came! It's here!

Besides my regular work load, I've been working with my cover artist and doing formatting, trying to get these 4 books ready to be re-released. You see, one unexpected (but good!) email can throw an author's schedule way out of whack.

But please celebrate with me... I'm on Cloud 9 too!

Check out these new covers. By the way, these books are up on Amazon already.  You can find them HERE!!

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