Thursday, January 30, 2014

My Very First Sex Scene!

When people first learn that I'm a romance author they usually have questions... and a lot of those questions are often about the sex scenes in my books. While writing one of those scenes yesterday, I started thinking about the very first time I ever wrote a sex scene. My great critique partner, Buffy Christopher, was working with me on Jesse's Brother. It was the first project we'd done together. Jesse's Brother did not have any sex in there... very "closed door" type of hinting about the act. At that time (in 2008) I was very hush-hush about sex in general, so writing about it was difficult. I didn't think I could pull a sex scene off.

So I sent Jesse's Brother to Buffy.
And she called me on the phone. "Where is the sex?" she asked me.
"Sex? Well, there isn't any," I said.
"No sex?" she asked, her voice full of shock.

You see, Buffy wrote some pretty steamy books. She liked A LOT of sex in her books.

"Nope," I said. "They don't have sex."
"Well, I'm not reading any farther until you put some sex in there."
And then I freaked out. SEX? In my books? And then I stressed over the idea. I later came to the idea that the story would benefit from a little sexual action. I added the scenes and Buffy was happy.

I don't have any problems writing them now. Actually, my books range in heat level. In His Embrace is the tamest book while Cross the Line has a really hot swimming pool scene in the beginning. All the rest fall in between.

What heat level do you prefer your books?

If you haven't checked out Jesse's Brother, grab a copy here!

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