Saturday, January 11, 2014

Fantasy Casting for the Desert Secrets Series!

I've always dreamed of having one of my books made into a movie. No offers have been made yet, so I'm doing a fantasy casting and I need your help. No purchase is required. I'm providing the characters' description below and the book links at the bottom. What actors would fit these roles?

The females:

Chelsea Montgomery: red hair, fair complexion, petite, in her late twenties. She wears glasses on occasion.
Allison Montgomery: blonde, athletic, medium build. Also in her twenties. She is a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl.
Bailey Roan: Dark blonde/light brown hair, medium build, is a trend setter.
Lisa Palmer: dark shoulder length hair, in her late twenties/early thirties. She is your typical soccer-mom.

The males:

Jordan Case: tall, muscular, tan, dark wavy hair. He works in construction.
Miguel Perez: Hispanic, spiked hair, also works in construction, dark hair and eyes.
Seth Brite: Short light brown hair, glasses, medium build, and is a true crime author.
Zane Alder: Dark straight hair, tanned skin, muscular, nice smile, and is a movie star.

Here is what you do:

  • Email me pictures of actors/actresses who you think would fit these roles in the fantasy movie of each book. My email is 
  • I'll decide on the "call back" who could play the part. If you get the "call back" card, I'll post your chosen actor picture on my blog and I'll send you some swag. 
  • The final round of actors will be picked and the grand prizes will be announced at that time. It'll be a great stuff.  
I'm posting the first round of call backs for CHELSEA next Saturday, so hurry. Send in those actress pictures! You have to live in the US to get the swag pack. Don't worry, distant friends, if you're out of the country you can pick any one of my published ebooks! 

If you want to grab the Desert Secrets series, you can find Confessions and Midnight Secrets
 here and here!

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