Friday, September 7, 2012

My Journey into Writing by Alexandra Anthony

I’m happy to be featured on Wendy’s page to talk about the the journey of delving into writing. As a teenager, I’d written many short stories and enjoyed immersing myself in writing.  It was easy to think of writing as a hobby, a fun little thing to do. Working, getting married and becoming a mother seemed to take precedence over anything else in my my life and writing was put aside as something that I used to enjoy.  My daughter became the priority, and I enjoy being a stay at home mother that also chose the daunting task to Homeschool versus sending my child to a brick and mortar school.  Things are hectic, but I enjoy every moment I get to spend with my vivacious, charming little girl.

Fast forward 8 years.  I was faced with a life changing illness when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in April of 2011.  Suddenly, I was faced with issues I never thought I’d have to contend with as I struggled through various treatments: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation.  I’m now on the road to recovery and I decided I wasn’t going to wait because life is short and fleeting.  I made the choice to start writing again. 
To be honest, I never thought I could actually complete a book.  I’d always worried I’d develop the feared “writer’s block”.   My idea for my book series happened as I woke up one morning with a very persistent voice in my back of my head.  This character had a larger than life presence and wouldn’t stop talking…and talking and prodding me to write his story.  This mischievous character is one of my two main characters, Stefan.  The books are written from Josephine’s point of view; however, the story is written with my hero in mind.

Choosing to write again has been the most therapeutic thing for me personally.  I was able to lose myself in this world where I get to focus on the characters and not worry about doctor’s appointments and being a cancer survivor.  I get to be a writer.

Author Bio:
Alexandra Anthony loves all things vampire and enjoys writing romantic/erotic stories combining vampires and the paranormal, loves the idea of good happily ever after story and the possibility that there could be a supernatural Prince Charming lurking somewhere out there.

Alexandra lives in the Midwest with her husband and daughter. She is currently writing the The Vampire Destiny series in which Josephine, a Psychic Empath, meets the undead man of her dreams.
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