Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Author Interview: Catherine Wolffe and giveaway!

Hi Catherine! Can  you tell us about your upcoming book?

The Lady in the Mist, A Werewolf's Tale is a blending of a western with a paranormal romance.  The Civil War takes Sonja Brooks husband but not her determination to make it on her own.  The young widow is attacked by wolves.  She is destined to become a werewolf by the next full moon. 
Duncan Cordell is a Rebel lieutenant who's unit is ambushed and he's left to die.  Sonja stumbles upon him and takes him home to nurse.  She heals him. Grateful, Duncan offers to help Sonja any way he can.  She's falling in love with the Rebel from Texas but doesn't think he'll stick around once he finds out what she's becoming. Their story is of trust and forgiveness all in the face of insurmountable odds.   

 Is anything in your book based on real life experiences or purely all imagination?

  We could say that the struggle to accept those who don't quite meet our expectations or trust those who's lives we can't understand are a basis for this story.  Since this is a paranormal western romance I can safely state the rest is purely imagination.

What was your favorite chapter (or part) to write and why?

  The scene where she drives him away and he misunderstands why is a tough one for me. I enjoyed the challenge.  I'd enjoy hearing what readers thought.

How did you come up with the title?

  The title began as Renegade Rebel but I wanted something that would focus on the heroin more and his view of her walking toward him in the mist is repeated in the novel.

 What project are you working on now?

 I have another installment of my ongoing series, J. T. Leighton, Time Traveler.  The beginning has J.T., who's a PI falling for his assignment.  He has to help her solve the mystery of her parents death and the talesman that allows Jessie to travel in time.

Will you have a new book coming out soon?

 Christmas will hopefully see the release for Waking Up Dead, the second book in The Loflin Legacy.

Are there certain characters you would like to go back to, or is there a theme or idea you’d love to work with?

 I love the characters in my novel, Comanche Haven and I plan on sharing the endering love of Seth and Celia with Ty's story in Waking up Dead.

 Do you have any advice to give to aspiring writers?

Write every day.  Write something, even if it's not on your current ms.  Treat writing like a job with consequences if you don't work at it.  Because there are consequences.  Those may be personal, but they're there and you don't want to live with regret.  Success comes in small moments.  Enjoy each and every one of them.

  Is there anything that you would like to say to your readers and fans?

 Thanks for all your support.  I love hearing from you, so please contact me with your opinions, favorites and ideas for the furture.  Happy reading!

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  1. I don't believe I have read one of her books before. However after reading this interview. I am definitely interested in her books. In fact I am going to look through amazon to start reading some of them. Great job on the interview. Looking forward to Catherine Wolffe's books!

    1. Thanks so much Crystal. Please feel free to stop by anytime.

  2. Loved the interview and I can't wait to read all of your upcoming work!

    1. Thank you, Alexandra. I can say the same. Great to visit with you, I'll keep you posted on the book release.

  3. Crystal,

    You won the copy of Catherine's book. Please email me, so we can get that to you.