Thursday, April 24, 2014

Camp Nanowrimo Sneak Peek!

Here is another unedited Camp Nanowrimo sneak peek of Dangerous Desires, the second book in the Mafia Hearts series! Get the first book here!

He sipped the soda the waitress placed on the table. “We needed to meet somewhere private because what I have to say to you is extremely sensitive. Nobody can know about the issue. Do I have your trust?”
                She slowly nodded her head. Of course he could trust her. What a stupid question.
                “You’ll be the assistant to the madam, right?”
                “Mm hm. That’s what you told me last night.” Her heart raced with anticipation of the secret he was about to lay on her.
                “I believe that someone is stealing money from me.” He plucked a tortilla chip from a wooden bowl and crunched on it.
                “That isn’t good, but what does that have to do with me?”
                “I think it is someone in my escort office and I’m sending you in there to be the assistant but also to find out who the hell is stealing from me.”
                She narrowed her eyes and said, “So like be a spy.”
                “Absolutely. As an assistant, you’ll have access to all the documents and will be able to see the activities going on it the office. Will you do it?”
                Did she want to be planted somewhere to rat other people off? It wasn’t good that they were stealing from Sebastian but damn. What if she got caught? She had to do it. The risk was worth it to her to get the answers she needed and the job she wanted.
                “Okay, I’ll do it.” She smiled as she waited for his response.
                He took a drink of soda and then grinned. “Great. I really appreciate this.”
                “Not so fast, Sebastian.”
                Setting the glass down onto the table while locking eye contact with her, he said, “What does that mean?”
                “It means that I do you a favor and want something in return.”
                “Isn’t a big fat paycheck enough?”
                She shook her head. “I’ve wanted this for a long time. Did you ever wonder what you were going to eat for dinner because your mother hadn’t found work yet in the twelfth town you lived in that year? Or if you’d have to wear dirty clothes to school again?”
                “Mia,” he said, sliding his hand over hers, “things weren’t that bad at Crestview.”
                She liked the physical contact between them. His touch sent shivers up her spine. Wanting to keep her composure and her mind focused on business instead of her damp panties, she pulled her hand away. “After my father’s murder. My mother took off in fear and we moved from city to city. I was hungry most nights because she never made enough. I knew then that I wanted to go back to Las Vegas and become involved in what my father had been trying for. A crime family. Your crime family.”

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