Monday, April 23, 2012

Household disasters interrupted my weekend!

     As last weekend approached I developed some great weekend writing goals. My boyfriend works a lot over the weekend and I informed my kids that I would not be running them all of over town. I also didn't have any client's scheduled over the weekend. So why didn't I get much accomplished? 

First of all, it reached 105 in Phoenix over the weekend. I'm fine with the warmth. Usually. Not this past weekend because I found out that our a/c is broken. The sun is not friend when I can't turn the air on in the evening. We like to sleep with the a/c on so we can be all snuggled up in our beds, not kicking all the bedding off to grasp the smallest bit off cool air. We've also had to sleep with our windows open. This makes me so paranoid to do because of my over-active imagination. I woke up several times each night to make sure someone crazy person hadn't climbed in our window. I also had a dream that someone broke in to still my laptop. I was so mad over the idea that someone would steal my computer that I closed my window. My boyfriend had a great laugh over that one. Needless to say, our swimming pool is still cold so we have been swimming a lot. 

So then the toilet wouldn't stop running. My son had to go so he asked me to check out the toilet. I lifted the lid on the tank and the lid slipped out of my hand. The lid fell into the tank with a loud crash. I was like, "OMG! I hope I didn't break the lid." Nope. I cracked the bottom of the tank. My Scrubbing Bubbles blue-colored water rushed all over the bathroom, my feet, and made my hands all blue when I cleaned it up. 

Now I'm waiting for the landlord to show up to fix the toilet and the A/C people to grant us with cold air. My landlord swears to have both fixed today so... my misery won't last long. 

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