Friday, April 13, 2012

Did you say it’s a series? By Connie Wood

I love series in books, both as a reader and an author. I love that tingly little feeling of excitement when you are reading and a character from a previously read book makes an appearance. I love the interconnectivity of plots and characters and baddies. I love the inner-secrets, the past knowledge only you know....because you have read the other books and know what is going on.

As a writer, I have two lots of series. The first is my Fallen Angels series (the second book to be release in late May) and the second is my Dark series. In both sets of books, I have woven the characters and plots intricately throughout all the books, hoping to instil some of the feelings and love of series that I do too.

Some of my favourite books of all times have come in a series. Harry Potter, Twilight, the Dark Hunter series.....all have told stories and evolved before my eyes. A good series shows you the evolution of a character and the world they live in. Perhaps this is one reason why Sci-Fi and Fantasy have such a huge volume of series.

To escape into a book is one of the best pleasures in life I can imagine. And to be honest, sometimes I am quite sad when it finishes. But if I know there is another book on the way, it feels more like an interlude rather than a finale and I can dive into my fantasy world once more.

As an author, I am well aware of the dedication a series takes to write. But I also know that the readers know my world and characters better than I do. I have no doubt about that. I have read certain series, and know them well, then if a mistake is made, then as a reader, I know it (and I feel rather let down!!).

When I prepare to write another book, I not only read all the paperwork I have, but I also go back and read the other books in the series first. This makes me look at the next book not only from a technical standpoint, but also from a readers view.

One thing I must admit, I don’t like it when the main story or the focus characters don’t have their story dealt with in one book. I like to read the story of one set of people and have their plot come to a conclusion and then read the next book in the series. If the next book deals with the same characters, that’s great, but it had better be a new plot and set of issues they are dealing with, otherwise it feels a little like I have to wait a very long time to find out what happens. It is like watching a movie, and leaving the last twenty minutes and making you watch it six months from now.

The Twilight series dealt with the same people all throughout the books and the same themes, but the issues always came to a natural conclusion at the end of each book. The Dark Hunter series by Sherrilyn Kenyon deal with a main character, which comes to a conclusion, but main and secondary characters make appearances throughout the whole series. That is what I love, the excitement and knowledge of the characters and the unknown of what they will do next.

Anticipation is a key factor in a series because it can take a while for an author to get the next book out, I hope that my readers are patient with me....and I try to be patient with the series I read....though it can be hard sometimes.

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  1. Great article, Connie - love a good series!

  2. Hi Nicole,

    Thanks for reading and taking the time to comment.

    Series are great :)


    1. I would actually rather a series because I devour books in a day. But something that last a week is a true escape for me :)

  3. Very interesting article. People have begun to ask if I'm going to do a series (I have 5 separate romantic suspense novels out) & I say no because 1) it's hard and 2)like you, I like the conflict resolved in 1 book. It's frustrating to wait (I wont watch soaps either). An interesting take is in Marjorie Allingham's Inspector Alleyn mysteries--the mysteries are solved in each book but the romance edges on through way too many. Thanks for the blog! M. S. Spencer