Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Sick and other stuff

So where have I been?? I had a few job interviews last week. Didn't get one of the jobs and am waiting on the other to call. Saturday I was hit with what I thought were allergies but I quickly realized was a nasty cold. So I've been sick sick sick. Lounging on my couch all day, sleeping off and on throughout the day, and having a headache so I can't work on anything is not my idea of fun. Take the headache away and I'd be able to cough while I type... yep, much better lol.

I also had to miss some author things this week due to illness. My friend's friend came to town to do a workshop at my RWA chapter meeting. I was looking forward to meeting her but couldn't go. I also had to reschedule an appearance on a paranormal blog talk radio tonight.

I am making progress on my novel Beach Bodies. I signed up for a March challenge where we all write 1,500 words a day. I haven't been meeting the word count goal this week but hopefully will soon.

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