Saturday, March 24, 2012

How much sex do you prefer?

Carolyn and I were recently hanging out with a group of authors we were just getting to know. Beth asked Carolyn about her books. Carolyn explained that she writes under two names. One name because those romances are really clean (no sex) and the pen name because those books have some detailed sex scenes added. Once Beth heard that Carolyn wrote "clean" books, Beth's attention turned to me and remained there. I don't write clean books. My book's main focus is the love between two people but the books do have sex scenes sprinkled through out. This might be too much for some readers. It might not be enough for others. I know that when I'm reading someone else's book and not in the mood to read about sex, I skip over the scene.

After our day with that group of authors, Carolyn and I had a huge discussion about sex in books. She suggested that I get more attention because I don't leave those scenes out. I really don't think clean books are bad and some readers prefer them. When I first wrote Confessions, the book contained "closed door" sex. My critique partner called me because she didn't want to read any more of the story unless I added at least one sex scene. She might've been joking, but I never had to figure that out because I started the first sex scene between Chelsea and Jordan. Writing this type of content scared the crap out of me. I had no idea how to do it. My critique partner, an erotica author, showed me the way. 

Now my novels range in heat level. The reason for that is because sometimes I don't think the story always calls for a really naughty scene between the characters. Other times, the story is full of it. Dreaming of Him has one "closed door" sex scene even though the cover is a bit naughty. The sexiest book I've ever done is Cross the Line. All of the other's heat levels fall in the middle. The level of sex included in a story isn't something I focus on. My focus is always making the characters someone the readers can relate to. People occasionally have one-night-stands. So do my characters. Sometimes people have other issues that prevent them from physically opening up to their love interest. Guess what? Some of my characters do that as well. This is where my focus remains. 

Speaking of one-night-stands, Allison tried having one of those with Miguel. Here is a little teaser: 
“Would you like to dance?”
     She nodded while trying to get her heart to stop racing in her chest. Did she even remember
how to do this? It had been so long since she’d danced with someone. She pictured herself fumbling
in his arms and stepping on his shiny shoes.
      Not wanting to lose this chance with him, she wiped her sweaty palms down her pants before
putting her arms over his shoulders. Tingles of excitement raced throughout her body when Miguel
slid his arm around her waist and pulled her even closer to him, making her breasts press tight
against his chest. Her breath caught in her throat. Her body stiffened when his lips found the curve
of her neck as they swayed together over the grass, while the slow song filled the warm air with
sweet tunes. The evening would’ve been perfect if she hadn’t had to continuously push away the
panic that tried to make an appearance in her heart.
      “We can stop if you aren’t sure about doing this,” he whispered against her ear, his hot breath
sending shivers through her.
     “I want to.” Each part of her body screamed for more, in spite of the mix of emotions flooding
through her by his embrace. Fear swirled through the arousal and desire to be with him. Maybe
she should just end it with him right here. End the dance, end the date, and end any tomorrow that
might’ve happened with Miguel. But she didn’t want him to let go of her.
     “Then relax. I won’t hurt you.” He ran his fingers through her hair. “Not ever.”
     Her stomach tightened as she repeated his words in her mind. He wouldn’t hurt her ever. The
more she thought about what he’d said, the more she believed him. The words intoxicated her, or
the wine finally started to work, making her relax against him. Were those the words she needed
to hear? She took a deep breath, enjoyed the spicy scent of his cologne, and his arms holding her
tight against him. Even the moon seemed a little brighter as it started coming up for the night.
     She snuggled closer to him, allowing his hot breath to brush across her ear, sending shivers
down her spine. Being with Miguel made her realize how much she’d missed the security that came
with being with a man. If she’d known what she’d been missing, she might’ve dated sooner. But
what if he caused this sensation to come over her and nobody else could? Nope, not Miguel. It
couldn’t be him because that would mean this was more than she thought. No entanglements. Only
fun. And that’s what she’d have.
     Allison pulled back a tiny bit to look in his dark eyes. She moved her face forward to brush
her lipsgently against his. The simple kiss shot sparks through her body. Her lips parted and she
tasted the tip of his tongue as it played just inside her mouth. Heat swirled around in her belly and
traveled in both directions through her body, all the way down to the tips of her toes and up to her
cheeks, making every part of her body long for him. Opening her mouth more provided the chance
to take his tongue all the way in.
      His hand reached under the back of her shirt to trace small circles over her skin with his
warm fingers, then moved around her side to her stomach. “Do you want me to stop?”
      “Oh, God no.” She’d probably die from the yearning to be touched pulsating through her. 


If you'd like to read more of Midnight Secrets, you can find it for your Kindle here

But before you go, drop me a note to let me know how much sex you like in your books! 

Talk to you soon, 
Wendy Ely 


  1. I enjoyed the snippet very much, thank you! I think that it depends on the mood I'm in when I read books. Sometimes I like stories like those that Barbara Cartland used to write, and sometimes I like the more naughty ones. I suppose I'm in the middle when it comes to sex in books. Sex is a natural act, but if it is portrayed honestly, rather than sleazily, it makes the book seem more real.

  2. Hi Wendy,

    I agree with you. I enjoy reading moderate to erotic sex scenes but sometimes I skip scenes. But in general I'll pick a sexy read over a sweet one.

    Your book looks great.

  3. Depends on my mood. I've been reading a lot of YA lately--so obviously no sex in them. (We won't talk about the one that was a YA and so raunchy with the sex scenes I couldn't read it)

    I write erotic under a pen name. I write spicy as me. It all depends on what I'm in the mood to read--and where the characters I write take me when I write.

    Someone reviewer called LINKED erotic--and it's simply not. It's romance. I think there are two sex scenes, but there HAD to be for the book to work--in fact, the entire plot hinges on it. But they are, in my opinion, tasteful enough for anyone that would read an old Silhouette Intimate Moments romance.

    Forbidden & Once Bitten are very sexy--mega--but still not what I'd really call erotica. Just explicit.

    I might be a bit of a prude--I get pulled right out of a book if there is very crude language in erotica. Just me--so I don't write crude--ever.

    We're all varied-which is what makes the ability to find so many types of books so great. Just my two cents.