Thursday, February 2, 2012

Feeling Free

If you have been following me any where during the past few years, you'll know that I haven't been writing much. I do have a new release out, but I wrote that novella in one month and edits almost killed me. Other than writing Dreaming of Him, I haven't done any other writing outside of the legal field. Being in school had squashed my creativity. Maybe it had been because my brain had been overworked or my mind had been stuck in technical writing. I don't know. I don't really care anymore.

I sat back to review my life (which I recommend people do every so often) because I haven't been happy in two years. I had been in a rut and needed to figure out why. What happened two years ago, you might wonder? I enrolled in the paralegal program. Sure, I was good at it, got good grades, made an honor roll program, and did my internship at a criminal defense attorney's office. I would never ever sit here and tell you that it was boring. My internship was the best part and had the opportunity to do some fantastic things. Honestly though, working in an office isn't something I like to do. I don't think (besides writing) I have been wired to do that type of work. I have many regrets about the choices in my life but am on the path to fix those things that I feel went wrong. 

The biggest thing is that I had stopped writing. I am back at it with a vengeance and love every second of it. Writing lets me feel alive... lets me feel free. When I sit for a long time and write some really fantastic scenes, I feel so light and happy. Nothing in this world compares to that feeling. I will never let me that part of me disappear again. I need to preserve that piece that helps make me who I am. 

I am a writer, an author, a creator of characters who you will laugh with, cry with, love, and hate. 

Dear Readers: Get ready for some new reading because it is on its way! I'm finally going to bring it to you :) 

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