Sunday, February 12, 2012

Dreaming of Him Excerpts!

I haven't shared this excerpt before. I hope you enjoy it!

     “What do you like to do?” I asked Trace, upon spotting him sitting on the large rock. I hadn’t physically been to the lake in a long time, but apparently it held some significance for us,since it was the only locale he visited in my dreams.
      “Why?” He slipped his fingers through my mass of wavy hair.
      “Just curious.” I sat down on the rock next to him and wanted those strong arms to wrap around me, to make me warm and comfortable again.
      He didn’t make a move, though. “Tell me why and then I will answer your question.”
      “Is it such a big deal for me to know? It’s a simple question…one that most people ask when they’re trying to get to know each other.”
He crossed his arms over his chest and wouldn’t even swing his gaze in my direction.
          “You’re trying to find out more about me? You don’t need to try and get to know me, Amber.”
          “That makes zero sense, Trace.”
          “Everything will become clear once you find me.”
          Anger washed through me, raising me to my feet. “I need to find you. Do you know when
we will be together in real life?”
          “Keep looking and you’ll get all of your answers.”
          Whirling around to face him, I asked, “How? I look for you everywhere. I visit unusual
places with hope that you’ll be there. You never are.”
          The tension that had set his chin in a hard line had disappeared, letting him soften. He
reached for me. “It’s frustrating for me too, honey. I can’t tell you when we’ll be together, but it
will happen. I’m sure of it.”
           “Why would it be frustrating for you?” I let him pull me into his lap. Finally his arms
embraced me, letting me lean my head against his shoulder. “This is my dream. My premonition.
You probably don’t even know that you’re going to meet me someday soon.”
           He shook his head. “It’s frustrating to me, because I know you’re not looking in the right
place. You’ll find me, honey. I know you will.”
           “I want to find you now.”
           “Honey, your alarm is about to go off. I’ll see you tonight in your dreams.”
           “As long as you don’t drink any alcohol.” He laughed right before his lips met mine,
sending shivers of excitement racing through my body. And as he promised, my irritating alarm
pulled me from the safety of his arms and tantalizing kiss.

          The alarm clock had turned into my new enemy. It had the power to yank me away from
Trace without any warning at all. And right when the dream had started getting good. Damn it!
He’d actually kissed me, but I had to get up and ready for work. I groaned and then noticed the
blanket on the other side of the bed, which was usually perfectly tucked in, was folded back as if
someone had intended to lay there. Chills ran up my spine. I crossed my arms over my chest and
glanced around my room.
          Both windows were shut and the blinds in place. No one had messed with them. All my
dresser drawers were still closed, telling me a burglar hadn’t ruffled through anything, even
though that idea almost made me laugh. Why would someone trying to rob me pull the blanket
back to sleep in my bed? I probably had been restless during the night.
         I glanced up at the dark picture of the lake from my dreams. It wasn’t a skillfully painted
image, but my mother knew how much I had loved visiting that lake, and had made the picture
for a birthday gift a few years ago. In all my dreams, the lake was a sunny place, even though it
was always fall type weather. But in the painting, the lake looked as though a storm had been
preparing to hit.
         The beeping in the other room caught my attention, sending me rushing into the kitchen
to see what the hell had caused the noise. My coffee pot had been turned on and enough coffee
had been brewed for one cup. What on Earth? I rarely drank coffee at home and never set the
coffee pot on the automatic timer. Had I been sleep walking?
         In my state of mind, nothing could be ruled as impossible. The clock on the coffee pot
caught my attention. Shit. Forty-five minutes until I had to leave for work. I hurried through a
quick shower and while getting dressed, the lake painting caught my attention again. This time it
had been turned slightly, about an inch, sideways.

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  1. Wow !Wendy thanks for inviting me , Dreaming Of Him seems so hot and juicy , I would like to read a signed copy , hope to read it soon . Greetings and love Jarnail