Thursday, February 20, 2014

Write At the Merge- A Final Kiss

I used this writing prompt to write a new scene to A Final Kiss. Enjoy :)

Something knocking against her bedroom window brought Kate sitting straight up in bed. Tony snoozed next to her, not flinching at the sound or her sudden movement. She quickly glanced at her alarm clock. Just a little after 12:30 a.m. It had to him. Her stalker. She gave Tony a gentle shake to wake him.
 He stifled a yawn and peeked up at her through exhausted eyes. “What is it, honey?”
She leaned closer to him. “Something hit the window. It woke me up.”
“It figures he’d come tonight,” Tony grumbled, climbing from the bed and slipping into his jeans. With the button done, he motioned toward the window. “Hurry. Get dressed and look outside. Let him see that you’re here alone.”
She jumped up from the bed and hurried to her dresser for some pajamas. Pulling out her old college t-shirt and a pair of flannels, she slipped into the comfy clothing. She hurried to the window, moved the curtain aside, and pressed her face to the glass. Her heart pounded as she waited eagerly for someone to jump out at her. Instead of anything moving, the moon shown bright on her small patch of a yard with a cement wall border.  She was in here, in the dark bedroom, with the aftertaste of passion still lingering on her lips, the smell of sexual desire filling her senses. The love of her life stood half naked behind her, but fear wouldn’t let her enjoy him for another second.
            She faced Tony. “I know he is out there. He’s waiting for… something.”

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