Saturday, February 8, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- Lost and Found

Enjoy this sneak peek of the next book in the Desert Secrets Series! 

Lisa knocked softly on the door. A grumbled, “Come in,” greeted her. She wiped her sweaty palm on her slacks. She was going to be in a room with a man alone. She hadn’t been with any man since Lance divorced her and before then had been rare. She’d barely had time with her husband. Would she even remember how to be alone with one?
     She really didn’t have a choice now so she pushed the door open. Her gaze swept the room. Seth’s satchel he always seemed to have was open on the round table.  A discarded gum pack and its wrappers were on the nightstand next to the lamp. 
     The bathroom door opened far enough for Seth to stick his head through. His hair was wet from his shower. “Can you do me a favor?”
     “Sure.” Heat rushed to her cheeks. She shouldn’t be in here with him while he was naked. She nervously sat down in the chair by the table.
     Pointing at some folded pants on the bed, he said, “Hand me those pants right there?”
     No! She didn’t want to go any closer than this. She grabbed the pants from the bed and walked toward him. The closer she got, the more detail she noticed about him. The water dripped from his wet brown hair and made trails down his toned chest. Small freckles dotted both his cheeks and pecks. When had she been this attracted to a man? Not knowing the answer, she slightly shook her head. This guy smacked his gum and had intruded in her business more than once. She shouldn’t be attracted to him, be in his hotel room, or staring at his visible nakedness.
     “Here,” she said softly, holding the pants out for him to take.
     He chuckled. “Thanks.”


  1. Poor gal. I can feel her discomfort. Part of me wonders if it's because of her own desire for him?

  2. I can see this as a movie with a ingenue of the moment and Ryan Reynolds. Yes, Ryan Reynolds. I can see it!