Saturday, February 22, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- Jesse's Girl

Enjoy this sexy unedited scene from Jesse's Girl. Want to see where Jesse's journey began? Grab Jesse's Brother here!

“Jesse. I want you.”
     “Do you, Zoey?” He grabbed her hand and brought it behind her back where she stayed nestled against his toned body. Desire shot through her as soon as her hand made contact with his skin. Her eyes closed again as he scooted back enough for her to slide her hand down his abdomen until she reached the erection straining the zipper of his slacks.
     “Zoey,” he said between deep breaths.
     She started stroking him through the thin material. “Mm hm?”
     “I changed my mind.”
     She yanked her hand away from him and pulled from his embrace, whirling around on the mat so she could face him. He couldn’t change his mind. Not after she’d come this far and yearned for every kiss of his, every touch. “What?” she asked.

     “I changed my mind,” he repeated as he slid a finger down her cheek, “when I gave you permission to regret this later. I never want you to regret a second with me.” 


  1. tease or very considerate of her? Playing it both ways guarantees the guy a win.

  2. Aw sexy. Gotta love it. No mind changing allowed.