Monday, April 29, 2013

Wendy's Top 5 Picks- Book Blogs and Pages

I love book sites... not surprising since I'm an avid reader and author. Today I decided to share my favorite book sites. Some of them feature free or discounted books, interviews, or writing advice.

1. Much Cheaper Than Therapy blog: I looove this blog and have for many years. The authors are great and appeal to different type of authors. They offer great writing tips and author interviews. I've found new authors on this site!

2. Angels with Attitudes Book Reviews: Besides reviews, they announce free and discounted books. Awesome Facebook page to check out.

3. Bitch Can Write A Book: One of my favorite pages on Facebook. They have inspirational book related memes, announce new releases, and books that are on sale.

4. My Book and My Coffee: First off, great title. Second, if you read books on your Kindle, this is an awesome source to discover some new authors/books.

5. Coffee, Books, and Lipgloss: The woman who runs this site is awesome! Other than that, she posts giveaways, book suggestions, and fun reviews. Stop on over there and say hello.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Only .99!

Confessions is on sale from April 28th thru May 3rd. Grab a copy while you can get for only .99.

Can Chelsea and Jordan find their child, and rediscover each other?

When Chelsea Montgomery vanished eleven years ago, her hometown thought she’d been abducted. In truth, she'd given up the daughter she'd secretly had with Jordan Case.

Now he confronts her to help find the child. With a little girl's fate hanging in the balance, will the uneasy partnership -- stained by the past -- transform into something else?

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My 5 Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures... everybody has them. Here are 5 of mine (I really don't feel guilty):

1. Massages: I have the best boyfriend in the world (I swear it's true!) and he gives me a massage every night before I fall asleep. How awesome is that? Besides his awesome back rubs, our gym offers free hydrotherapy massages with our membership. I get one when I after I workout. Just a note: when I get a hydrotherapy massage, my honey doesn't give me one. His are my favorite!!

2. Coffee, coffee, more coffee: I usually drink coffee at home but if I'm out running errands, I stop in at the little drive-thru coffee hut near my house. I've been going there for about a year now so the owners often give me extra punches on my Buy 10 Get 1 Free card. My favorite kind of coffee? I love iced mochas.

3. The Sims 3 game: I've been a fan of The Sims game since it came out so many years ago. It's funny though because one of my sims is always an author.

4. Books: I'm an author so of course I love to read. My honey is a movie buff. We usually curl up in bed at night with a movie for him and a book for me. A perfect ending to both of our days.

5. The gym: I love working out. I lost about 100 lbs a few years ago but have started regaining the weight. Dan and I have gotten a membership at a gym. We have a hectic schedule so we manage to get in there a few nights a week but I'd go 6 days if it were up to me.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Writing Workshop in Phoenix

Date: Saturday, May 18th
Place: Crowne Plaza // 2532 W. Peoria Avenue // Phoenix, AZ 
Time: All day – 9am – 5pm
***Lunch Included***
Total Cost – RWA Members: $35.00 Lunch Included
All Others: $45.00 Lunch Included
Open to the Public
For more information about the workshop, go to:

This year, Larry Brooks is giving us a workshop on what he calls his 6 Core Competencies of novel writing. 

Friday, April 12, 2013

Chocolate Affaire Book Signing 2013

Okay, I'm really late posted this blog... mostly because I have a lot more pictures that are trapped in Dan's camera. Anyway, in February (see how late I am) I signed books at the Chocolate Affaire festival in Glendale with my local RWA chapter. This is an annual event that I look forward every year.

I love hanging out with some of my favorite authors who I don't see nearly enough. In this picture is Marie Patrick and Cherie Lee. I adore them both and the three of us had a blast sitting next to each other while freezing in the cold wind!

We had some cover models hanging around, so you know I had to take a picture with them. The guy on the far right is my daughter's boyfriend.

My daughter helped at our booth. We got matching t-shirts this year. I love 'em!

This is me all set up and ready to meet readers! I'm probably busy talking in this picture though because that is what I did for the 3 days of the festival.

So much more wasn't captured in photographs. I got to meet two awesome people: Sharon, a fellow author, and Eva, a member from my street team. Them stopping by to grab my books was the highlight of my weekend. I also grabbed Morgan Kearns' books to finish off my favorite series. And... I couldn't pass up the chocolate covered cheesecake!