Tuesday, April 16, 2013

My 5 Guilty Pleasures

Guilty pleasures... everybody has them. Here are 5 of mine (I really don't feel guilty):

1. Massages: I have the best boyfriend in the world (I swear it's true!) and he gives me a massage every night before I fall asleep. How awesome is that? Besides his awesome back rubs, our gym offers free hydrotherapy massages with our membership. I get one when I after I workout. Just a note: when I get a hydrotherapy massage, my honey doesn't give me one. His are my favorite!!

2. Coffee, coffee, more coffee: I usually drink coffee at home but if I'm out running errands, I stop in at the little drive-thru coffee hut near my house. I've been going there for about a year now so the owners often give me extra punches on my Buy 10 Get 1 Free card. My favorite kind of coffee? I love iced mochas.

3. The Sims 3 game: I've been a fan of The Sims game since it came out so many years ago. It's funny though because one of my sims is always an author.

4. Books: I'm an author so of course I love to read. My honey is a movie buff. We usually curl up in bed at night with a movie for him and a book for me. A perfect ending to both of our days.

5. The gym: I love working out. I lost about 100 lbs a few years ago but have started regaining the weight. Dan and I have gotten a membership at a gym. We have a hectic schedule so we manage to get in there a few nights a week but I'd go 6 days if it were up to me.

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