Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Following Childhood Dreams by Daisy Dunn

I’ve always wanted to be an author ever since I was a young child. A lot of people have, but I also wanted to be a ballerina, a princess, and an actress. We all have childhood dreams, but how many of us ever follow them into our adulthood? Well, as I became older, all my fantasies of writing, dancing (which I never took one lesson), and working on a movie set fell to the wayside. Reality kicked in and I started living my life as a normal 9 to 5 office worker.

Last year, I was hitting a milestone in the birthday department *cough cough 40 cough* and I thought back on my life and my goals. One goal stuck out in my mind as something on the top of my list—becoming an author. No faster did I think it, the stories started to flow into my mind. I couldn’t keep up with the waves of idea after idea plaguing my thoughts. So, after a few months of research, I began writing my first novel on January 1st, 2011. By late April, 2011, I received my first contract from a publisher.

I couldn’t believe that I had been given a contract and had to read the email over and over again to see if it were true. That’s a day I’ll never forget. Well, I just received a contract for my 19th book recently, and I’m hard at work on my next one. It’s amazing how much time we waste on daydreaming and not actually following our heart’s desires. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about this whole experience, don’t ever give up on your dreams because they might actually come true with some hard work and inspiration.

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MFM Ménage, paranormal (witches, werewolves), fantasy, contemporary

Earth elemental Ivy, with the powers of the forest and soil, has individually met and fallen in love with identical twin brothers and werewolves Luke and Levi. Torn between the two men, they make love to her with equal fervor, trying to win her heart over and allowing her to make the final decision of who she ultimately wants to be with.

During this time of new discovery, love, and confusion, The Hunters, a werewolf-hunting society, are closing in on them. Ivy is mistaken for a werewolf and taken to a hideout to lure her lovers to a trap. With danger lurking everywhere, she must trust the brothers equally to save her, and they, in turn, must trust two of her elemental sisters, with the powers of air and fire, to aid them in their search for Ivy, the only woman they have ever loved.


As he stood in the bush, spying on his prey, wondering how best to approach her, she surprised him. She quickly removed all of her clothing and stood naked in the forest. Mercy. He crouched down, realizing he couldn't walk up to her at this moment, as he'd probably frighten her. He knew he should walk away and never look back. Women only added complications to his already complex life, but she drew him to her. He felt the wrench in his soul, crying out to her to accept him as a man.

Her body had been beautiful with her clothes on, but standing naked before him, she personified perfection.

She proceeded to lie on the ground, seemingly enjoying herself, when she suddenly sat up and looked around. Assuming she must have heard him, he didn't move as he watched her intently, still in a crouched position. His keen sense of smell kicked in as her aroused, womanly fragrance wafted seductively through the air. His cock jerked. His erection felt like it wouldn’t stop growing. Pushing painfully against his jeans, he ached for her.

She settled back on the earth, took one last look around from her recumbent position, and then she slowly relaxed. Once she stopped looking around, he stood quietly back up, immediately unzipping his jeans to give his cock some much-needed space. Unable to tear his gaze away, he watched her grab her full breasts and flick her fingers over her elongated, hard nipples. She moaned with desire as Levi noticed the vines coming to life, wrapping themselves around her wrists and gently pulling her arms back above her head. His first reaction had been to run over to her, chop the plants down, and save her. However, he didn't sense any fear from her regarding the plants, as she became one with them. The vines continued down her body, wrapping around her legs and tenderly pulling them apart.

The blades of grass continued to grow rapidly, sensuously reaching up, stroking her breasts, flicking her nipples softly, and caressing her inner thighs. Lower down her body, their long, green fingers reached higher and fondled her sensitive snatch as she wiggled against their touch. More vines joined in, snaking around her hips to her flat stomach and edging lower to her pussy.

With incredible dexterity, hundreds of grass blades worked together to open her outer lips, allowing the leaves on the vine at her stomach access to her obviously swollen clit. The vines moved into place applying subtle pressure on her mons, while the attached leaves flicked her clit with a steady rhythm.

The sexuality and need in the air was palpable. Without thought, he grabbed his erection and stroked it firmly. As he gazed at her naked, aroused form, never had he been more jealous of plants in his life. He wanted to touch her, soothe her, and open her the way they did.

He continued to rub his erection faster, harder. He imagined her pussy surrounding his cock, pulling him in deeper, wrapping her shapely legs around his waist.

Levi swore he felt the earth's power surge through the air past him and into the beauty before him. The speed of the vines' leaves increased their tempo, which meant her release wouldn't be far behind. He began to pump his cock faster and tighter, the pressure built pushing him to the brink of sexual madness.
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