Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Sorry I haven't updated the blog in awhile. I've been deep in clients' manuscripts. I stopped by to share some praise I've received.

"I have found the one! Wendy Ely is a multi-talented editor who proves her worth with each suggestion she offers. Her skill is only surpassed by her professional approach to the client as well as the manuscript. I can relax and write, knowing that Wendy has my back."

~~Catherine Wolffe


"Editor, Wendy Ely:
I love Wendy Ely! She’s easy to work with, fun, and reliable! Once a MS is submitted, she gets back to you quickly! You’ll see that she’s not only worked on grammar, but has strengthened your sentences! She’s taken my sentences and made them stronger! She’s not forceful in her edits, but rather gives suggestions where they are needed!
I highly recommend Wendy as an editor!" 

~~Isabella Louise Anderson of ChickLitGoddess.com

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