Saturday, March 7, 2015

My Sexy Saturday- Split Decision

A few feet away from her, Rally grabbed a mat and tossed it on the floor. He lowered down onto his stomach to do a series of push-ups. Another great view of his back, ass, and legs as his chest lowered to the floor and pushed back up. The muscles in his legs tightened, his back sleek and taut. Grace squirmed on the bench, the uncomfortable tension building between her legs as she watched him flip onto his back with his knees bent for several fast crunches.
Pecs tightened. The ridges across his stomach became more pronounced. Sweat dampened his shorts. He sat up and returned his attention to her. His face was soft as he stared, but his gaze burn her all the way to her soul.  With his chest rising and falling in an attempt to catch his breath, he kept her locked on him.  He put his hands on his knees and slowly shook his head, his mouth turning down in a frown.
            “Grace?” Ajay said, snapping her back to him.
            “Um, yeah?”
            Ajay darted a glare between Rally and Grace. “Would you rather talk to Rally?”
            Her voice rose up a notch. “I’m not interested in interviewing Rally Brewer.”
Rally flinched at her remark and rolled back to his stomach. Giving herself the opportunity to regain her focus, Grace went to the cooler, poured some water, and took the seat on the other side of Ajay, keeping her back to Rally. Yes, she wanted that man more than anything. Yes, she wanted to interview him for the magazine, too. But this was part of her plan. She was going to hurt his ego a little and make him yearn for her attention once he decided he didn’t matter to her.
“I’m sorry that Rally has distracted me. Things should be better now.” Geez, that guy shook her to the core. Hopefully he’d see things her way soon, so her head could go back to normal and regain her professionalism.

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  1. Great snippet, Wendy, and I love that cover!

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