Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Write at the Merge: Dangerous Desires

“What did you just call me?” Sebastian asked from somewhere in the office behind her.

Even though Mia wanted to rush into his arms again, she refused to turn around. She never knew what to expect when in his company. He always left her guessing everything from how she felt to what she wanted in the future… and wanting more than what she was given. This had to stop. Crossing her arms across her chest, she said, “You’re like a tornado to my emotions. When you’re around me I get all tingly, but then reality sets in, changing my feelings toward you into something else.” She felt him move behind her. “And those feelings aren’t usually pleasant.” He turned her around. It took every ounce of strength to avoid his gaze as she continued her explanation. “And then you do something so damned irresistible—”

He put his finger to her lips to quiet her words. “Well, this tornado loves you. What will make you believe me?”

She let out a breath as her gaze traveled up the smooth lines of his jaw, over his thin lips, and locked onto his eyes. “Sebastian?” Mia’s heart raced with excitement. To calm her pulse, she took a deep breath and slowly let it out before asking, “You really love me?”

“I do. Hopefully that’ll be the prominent emotion I stir up in you too.”


I used a writing prompt from Write at the Merge. The prompt was the phrase, "this tornado loves you. What will make you believe me?" and decided to write a new scene for the next book in my Mafia Hearts series. Interested in the series? Grab the first book here

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