Wednesday, November 13, 2013

It's Snowing in the Book but 90 degrees Here!

Toward the end of the summer I received the invite to write a novella for a fall anthology. The requirement was that the story had to take place in the fall when it's cold. You see, I'm in Arizona so my fall season isn't the same as everyone else's. We have our fall now... and it's 90 degrees today.

Anyway, when I decided to write this novella for the anthology, it had to be about 112 or so. I dunno, but it sure was smokin' hot outside. During the summer months we have to be careful while outside because of the heat. When visiting the store you have to watch your hands opening the door to the store or your car. Cars overheat and tires blow
. Kids get dehydrated super fast. Swimming isn't even fun anymore because the pool isn't cool. So when facing the task of writing a novella about a frost (something we NEVER have!) I had to take myself some place else mentally. I used to live in Northern Arizona where it did snow on occasion. I had to force myself to remember snuggling deep inside of a warm jacket (we don't own anything warmer than a hoodie here!) and what it felt like to have snow hit my cheeks. I had to force myself to forget about the heat around me and make believe I lived in the cold while I wrote my character's story.

See how well I did with this. Grab a copy of First Frost here. It's free!

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