Tuesday, July 23, 2013

What people are saying about Dangerous Flames...

"I absolutely loved this book! Wendy definitely had me hook line and sinker. The story of Gabbi and Mik starts out when they were kids and continues on into their adult lives. I'm afraid of getting into to much detail for I don't want to give anything away! However growing up in a mafia family and not really not knowing what is going. Gabbi learns things on her own and thinks she wants to become involved. Is it a good idea? Mik has loved Gabbi from afar and is dying to tell her. Will he? Gotta read it to find out. You WILL NOT be disappointed. Looking forward to more from Wendy Ely! I absolutely love her books."
"I love this BOOK!! Wendy Ely did a fantastic job of weaving fact with fiction and romance.. The main characters in the book, Gabrielle Medini and Mikolas Russo are not only believable but are exciting to read about and see how their story started together and progresses. Gabi is an intelligent business woman yet very naive.. but has very strong feelings for her childhood friend Mik... who works for her Dad as a "Hitman".. And Mik aka Mikolas is handsome, smart and deadly..but has one weakness..his feelings for Gabi.. Then there is Daddy..Enrico.. know as the "Don" of the Medini Crime Family who had threatened Mikolas to stay away from his daughter.. But what is a "Hitman" to do when a "Woman" takes the situation into her hands and turns the tables and a gun on him when she thinks her "Daddy" is in trouble..No More Details..you got to read it yourself.. and you will be glad you did..Get Dangerous Flames (Mafia Hearts) soon!!"
"I won this book in a giveaway and wasn't entirely sure it was my cup of tea. It was. The first chapter had me hooked and the characters kept me reading until the last sentence on the last page. I can't wait for the next book in the series to be released. This is on my auto-buy list now!"

Dangerous Flames blurb: 

Mikolas Russo is one hit away from becoming part of the Medini crime family. But is this what he really wants? Killing people for money is what he has been trained to do even though he’d give anything to trade the nightmares for sweet dreams of the forbidden Gabrielle. Thinking he has the chance to reveal his feelings to her, he arrives at her house to find her brandishing a loaded gun, ready to take control. 

During Gabrielle’s teen years, she attended a private school in Italy. This is where she learns the meaning of Mafia but believed crime families no longer existed. Now back in Las Vegas and demanding answers to the hard questions, she quickly learns that the Mafia still has a hand in controlling society and her father is the Don of the largest mob in the area. 

The Mafia doesn’t seem so glamorous any more after a hit is taken out on her father, especially when Gabrielle has reason to believe that her secret love's safety is in jeopardy too. 

Will the truth fulfill her desires, or will Mikolas be the one to shatter everything?

Get your copy here: http://amzn.com/B00DUJ21HS

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