Monday, July 1, 2013

Camp Nanowrimo

Today is Day 1 of Camp Nanowrimo and I plan on finishing it this time. I know, I say that every November when I sign up for the regular Nanowrimo.

What is Camp Nanowrimo? A summer program of the November month of insanity. Yes, loads of authors try to write 50k words in 30 days. I guess you can change the word count for Camp Nanowrimo, but I'm sticking to the 50k.

How will I accomplish this? My plan is to squeeze in some writing time every day. It'll probably happen after my editing is finished and the family is doing their own activities. Probably after my brain is already fried and I can barely put a sentence together because, my friends, that is when I have time to write my own stuff! No fears! I will do this.

My project this month: to finish the last two books in the Desert Secret Series.

Want to watch my progress and get sneak peeks of these books I'm working on? I will be randomly updating my blog!

So... writer friends, are you doing Camp Nanowrimo this year?


  1. I'm also writing for NaNo camp. Good luck to the both of us!

    1. Have you participated in either of the programs before? Do you have any tips on getting through the crazy month?