Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Technology and the Woman

Sorry I haven't been posting much lately. You see, I have had a problem. Nope, not hurt fingers (preventing me to type), not illness (confining me to bed), or some fun-filled vacation. It's called: I bought a new computer and a Android phone. Uh huh. You're asking what the big deal is because most authors would be giddy and have their fingers flying over the keys, right? Not me.

My old laptop is a Toshiba with just the right size, just the right programs, just the right edition of windows. What's wrong then? My Toshiba is dying a slow, painful death so it was time to get a new computer. So... Dan, the lovely man that he is, takes me out to pick out a computer. Buying the old Toshiba was a one hour affaire at the store. I walked in with the cash, walked out with my new "baby". This time Dan had us visit the local electronic stores to help me decide which computer I actually wanted. "I only use Toshiba computers," I had said. He chuckled, saying, "But, babe, there are better computers than Toshiba and you deserve the best." After looking at computers several different times, I settled on an Alienware laptop. Apparently this is a big deal with gamers. I'm not a gamer though. Check out the picture. Nice, huh? Mine has pink keys and works because.... well, I'm a pink kind of girl.

We were on our way to pick the computer up from another store across town (our local store didn't have it stocked) and Dan decided to stop by the cell store. We'd also been discussing upgrading my phone too. An hour later I walked out with an Android.

The past few days have been trying to get used to these two technology objects in my possession which hasn't been easy. The computer has all brand spankin' new programs which are driving me crazy and the phone... well, the phone isn't the easiest thing to learn either. I certainly wasn't born with the talent to manipulate these types of objects easily. It seriously took me no less than 30 minutes to figure out where the restart bottom was on the computer.

Anyway, now that I have the basics figured out I'm back here.

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