Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Last NaNoWriMo Post of 2012!

Nanowrimo has ended and I know many of you have been watching my progress throughout November. I'm am a goal oriented person and when I don't reach one it ways heavily in my thoughts. So imagine how hard it was to not finish Nano this year. I even thought about making a cute picture with the word Nano Loser to replace the Nano winner graphic that the site gives out to those awesome people. Guess what? I didn't make one of those loser pictures because I may not have met the 50k word count but I gave the project my all that life allowed. I have a partially written manuscript that will be finished. 

My total word count: 33,019

I'm proud of those numbers!! This book happened to be book 4 in 

my Desert Secrets series. 

Book 3 isn't even finished yet. I'll now go back to finish book 3 

and then move on to book 4. 

Thank you for cheering me on through November! 


  1. You should be proud. Most people (including me) find the challenge of NaNo too daunting to even attempt. You have a great jump start to book 4. Good for you!

  2. Never a loser when you logged over 33K words! My gosh, that is an accomplishment most people reading your work will never attain. Congrats on have a great start of book 4!