Friday, July 20, 2012


I'm sorry for not blogging for awhile. We've had a really eventful summer which I'll share with all of you once we are settled in our new house. So.. we are moving this weekend.

I wanted to move before the new school year started but didn't think we'd be able to find something in our price range before the beginning of August. We put moving off for a few months. I had a list of requirements for the new place. I wanted to be closer to my daughter's school to avoid a 2 hour bus trip for her every day and in a good district for my son. My list of "must haves" for a new house included 3 bedrooms, so each kid could finally have their own room again and a laundry room. I have also wanted to have an office as well but didn't actually expect to get one. We found this house because I was bored one day. We went over to meet with the landlord, she adored us, and approved us for the house right then.

Our new house has all of my "must haves", plus an office for me! I am so excited. Plus our neighborhood is nestled in some Phoenix-style mountains. We have a huge backyard that goes up part of the mountain. It's a lot closer to my daughter's school. If you don't know: Alexis attends a performing arts high school so moving her out of the school isn't an option. Also, my son will be returning to a district that he had attended before we moved to central Phoenix. He isn't excited about wearing uniforms, but I love the uniform requirement.

We are a bit sad to be moving into a totally different area of town because we have lived over here for 3 years now. We know the area and love it. Some of our favorite places are right down the street... places we won't have over there. Just something we have to get used to because this location doesn't work for us any longer. And we hate living in this apartment!! I'm also going to miss our lovely swimming pool... sigh... but I'm keeping my mind on the positives!

Anyway, I need to pack. Talk to you soon...



  1. Good luck with your move! An office. I'm envious.:)

  2. Hi Dear Wendy congratulations for your new home . May your new home bring you lots of happines and great fortune . God bless you my sweet friend . Love to be interviued by you . Greetings Jarnail singh