Saturday, July 19, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- Midnight Secrets

Please enjoy the start of the one-night-stand Allison meant to have with Miguel... of course, there is always tomorrow for more of this sexy stuff. If you want to find out if Allison gives in to Miguel, you can grab Midnight Secrets here!

The words intoxicated her, or the wine finally started to work, making her relax against him. Were those the words she needed to hear? She took a deep breath, enjoyed the spicy scent of his cologne, and his arms holding her tight against him. Even the moon seemed a little brighter as it started coming up for the night.

She snuggled closer to him, allowing his hot breath to brush across her ear, sending shivers down her spine. Being with Miguel made her realize how much she’d missed the security that came with being with a man. If she’d known what she’d been missing, she might’ve dated sooner. But what if he caused this sensation to come over her and nobody else could? Nope, not Miguel. It couldn’t be him because that would mean this was more than she thought. No entanglements. Only fun. And that’s what she’d have.

Allison pulled back a tiny bit to look in his dark eyes. She moved her face forward to brush her lips gently against his. The simple kiss shot sparks through her body. Her lips parted and she tasted the tip of his tongue as it played just inside her mouth. Heat swirled around in her belly and traveled in both directions through her body, all the way down to the tips of her toes and up to her cheeks, making every part of her body long for him. Opening her mouth more provided the chance to take his tongue all the way in.

His hand reached under the back of her shirt to trace small circles over her skin with his warm fingers, then moved around her side to her stomach. “Do you want me to stop?”

“Oh, God no.”

She’d probably die from the yearning to be touched pulsating through her nipples, if he dared to stop. It had been so long since someone had come in contact with the sensitive skin and she wanted Miguel to do the touching. And sucking. Probably even some nibbling.

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