Wednesday, May 15, 2013

The spotlight is on my daughter for her 16th birthday!

My daughter is such an amazing kid. I used to joke and say that I dreaded the teen years.

Well, today my baby girl turns 16 and I couldn't ask for a better daughter. A little about her: She loves to write, read, and considers herself a bit of a nerd. Her grades are a top priority in her life. She also plays the guitar, drums, and the piano... definitely has a rocker side to her personality. Ballet is one of her passions and even attended a performing arts high school, but she doesn't like glittery pink stuff usually associated with ballerinas. She is always the first one to friend that kid who nobody likes, has been known to work in a soup kitchen, rescue abandoned animals, and put together sacks of items for homeless people. But she is also so much fun to be around. She loves making funny faces, dressing in mismatched socks, drools over the male characters in True Blood, thinks nasty phrases are funny, and is a vegetarian but can't stand most veggies.

Parenting and loving her has been a continuous adventure! Happy 16th Birthday, Alexis!

 Readers, I hope you enjoy her pictures as she's grown.
 The above picture is the first day of kindergarten with her best friend.
 Picture above: She did go through a pink phase. She loved stealing my sunglasses.

 Above picture: And into the rocker phase of her life. She isn't as outrageous now.

    Above picture: Getting ready for a ballet performance. This is one of my

favorite pictures of her.

Alexis and her boyfriend, Jordan. They were having their own prom instead of attending their school's.

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