Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Learning to Shoot

Hello, readers! Guns often make appearances in my books. One time I went into a gun store to ask questions for research because I've always been a little nervous around them. The store also had a shooting range which I was invited to use for free (the clerk thought it was so cool that I'm an author!). I turned him down, but had always wanted to find the courage to shoot a gun. Guess what? Dan, my boyfriend, owns several guns and loves to shoot. A few weekends ago we packed up and headed down to the desert.

  Dan is a former Marine, so he has skill with fire arms. Alexis loved it and learned pretty quickly as well. Me? Not so much. The guns still scare me and had to be talked into shooting. I did it thought and I'm sad to say that hitting targets is  not on my list of talents.

 You have to excuse my hair. We had spent the entire day doing different things in the desert, so I was a bit grubby looking. And it was so hot. Probably about 110 or so.

Anyway, my goal is to get more comfortable around guns and try out a variety to help add authentic details in shooting scenes in my books.

Talk to you soon,

Wendy Ely


  1. Ah, these pictures bring back memories. Thanks for sharing some glimpses into your journey to shooting competence:) Can't wait to read the results!

  2. I agree with jessigage. These pics bring back memories. I have two sons and a husband who all hunt. Living in Louisiana means you grow up with hunting, right? So long ago, I was invited to go along with these guys as babysitter for the kids, partner in the stand and finally shooter of several deer. Now that the boys are grown, I've bowed out of the 'hunting expeditions'. Still enjoy target practice with the husband though. I use a pistol these days. Such fun and the competition element is serious stuff for my guy.

    Way to go Wendy! Keep it up girlfriend, you'll be an Annie Oakley before you know it. :)