Saturday, June 2, 2012

Some news

In February of 2008 I started my writing career. I sent out a batch of query letters for Jesse's Brother. By March of the same year I received a request from an agent and a publisher. I was so excited. Some authors wait years to get requests. I was amazed about this! I sent out the requested material and opened my mailbox one day to find the rejection from the agent. I didn't give up hope because the publisher seemed really interested in my manuscript. But then they lost it. I sent them another one, but their lack of professionalism kept going until January of 2009. I decided to end the crap I had been going through with that publisher who "would probably give me a contract" if I let them have it exclusively until they had time to read it. I said no. Then I sent it to Lyrical Press.

A week later I was checking my email to see if my critique partners had sent back my new work. Lyrical Press had sent me an email. I assumed it was a rejection, opened the email, and screamed. Inside the email was my very first contract. I had made my way from "writer" to "author".

Jesse's Brother was released in September of that year.

I'm writing this post because I was checking the bestseller status of another one of my books. I noticed that Jesse's Brother had been taken off my publisher's site. I emailed her and she said that my contract with their company is up in September. I have mixed feelings about this. My award-winning book has reached its time with Lyrical, but the story needs to reach more readers!

That is why I need to put it back out on the market! I'm on to a new phase of my writing career. The thought both excites and scares me, but here I go anyway!

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