Saturday, May 17, 2014

My Sexy Saturday- sneak peek at Jesse's Girl!

Jesse's Girl is going through edits right now. Here's a sneak peek for My Sexy Saturday. I hope you enjoy!

“Downward Dog,” she called out to the five other people in the room. “Let me demonstrate and then I’ll walk around to help you develop the correct form.”
Jesse didn’t need to know the correct anything while in this class but pretended to be an attentive student as Zoey bent over with her hands and feet planted on the mat, her legs spread apart to have her ass up in the air. Sure, it was supposed to be some sort of exercise move, but Zoey’s smokin’ body made Jesse switch his thoughts from fitness to pornographic fantasies where Zoey starred. He let his gaze travel over her firm ass and settled on her center. As he shifted his position on his yoga mat to relieve the tension growing in his lap, he wondered how the hell he was going to do downward dog with a hard-on?
He managed to move into the painful position. “Zoey, is this right?” he called out so she would move out of the pose, but he hadn’t expected her to come over to him.
“Almost but not quite, Jesse.” When she slid her hand up the back of his hamstring, his breath caught in his chest, almost causing him to choke when it finally rushed between his lips.
“Relax,” she said softly. “And don’t lock your knees.”
He would’ve been able to relax if she didn’t continue to slide her smooth hand up to the back of his thigh. “I’m trying.”

“Tighten this leg more but don’t tense up. Does that make sense?” 


Check out the other great blogs listed believe or grab a copy of Jesse's Girl to join in on Jesse's journey. You'll find Jesse's Brother here!

Thursday, May 15, 2014

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Writing "The End"

I'm excited and motivated to finish the 3rd book in the Desert Secrets Series. There are only 3 scenes left to write before I hit that wonderful phrase, "The End!" Will I write those words today? I sure hope so but not counting on it. Sigh.

I do love what I'm writing right now though. When I tell you that my characters take me on a journey with them, I'm not lying. The heroine and hero are looking for a missing guy who may or may not have some information on the murder of a beloved citizen of Wilson. They do find him but is he dead or alive? I have no idea until I get to that scene.

Gotta go... there is some writing to do...

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Big Projects and My New Favorite Place!

I really haven't been posting much lately because I'm working on 3 big projects... 3 new romance box sets! Two of my books will be in two of the bundles and I'm organizing another. Tons and Tons of work.

On that note, I'm glad we discovered my new favorite place. The hot spring a few miles from our house. I love going there on Sundays with Dan and relax in the warm water. I actually hurt my back two weeks ago (I fell out of my chair.. don't ask haha) and couldn't get the pain to go away. We soaked in the hot spring for about a half hour and my pain was gone.

Until next time...

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Only 99 cents!! Grab a copy!!

Camp Nanowrimo is Now Over!

It's over! I had such a roller coaster of a month that I'm surprised I wrote any words. I didn't meet the goal of 50k on Dangerous Desires, but I did write 15k words. I am proud of everyone single one of those 15k words too.

So what's next? I'm pushing Dangerous Desires to the side for now while I finish Lost and Found, Desert Secrets Book 3. After I write "The End" on that book, I will finish up Dangerous Desires.